Wi-Fi Location

Wi-Fi signals are a component of Skyhook’s Precision Location software. By using Wi-Fi for location, connected devices can achieve precise wide-area coverage, anywhere in the world. This includes indoor environments and underground areas, where other positioning methods can fall short.  

Skyhook Wi-Fi location can be used on its own or as part of a larger Precision Location hybrid positioning system intelligently combining cellular and/or GPS signals. 

Applications & Use Cases

Wi-Fi infrastructure can be used for location in any environment where wireless access points exist. Signals from a single access point can be detected and used for location from up to 150 meters away and on average this method can deliver 5-8 meters of accuracy, with precision improving as more access points are referenced. Use cases that can benefit from Wi-Fi location include:  

Connected Wearables Mobile Phones Asset Trackers & Logistics Chips & ModulesApplicationsNetwork Operators



Skyhook’s Unique Approach to Wi-Fi Location

Flexible Integration Options

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Skyhook integration options include customizable SDKs, firmware, cloud APIs, and embedded solutions. This level of flexibility means locations can be integrated at the hardware, chipset, or operating system level, and has helped establish Skyhook as a leading independent location provider with drop-in solutions for devices running alternative operating systems and custom versions of Android. 

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No Add-ons Required

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Skyhook software can be directly embedded onto the device firmware or operating system, thanks in part to our collaboration with a network of leading chipset and operating system partners, such as Qualcomm and KaiOS. This helps devices use location quickly, without dedicating valuable time and resources to pre-test or validate the solution.

Backed by a Leading Global Location Network

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Our global location network of more than 5 billion Wi-Fi access points can be used independently or as part of our flagship Precision Location software that intelligently blends Wi-Fi alongside cellular IDs and/or GPS signals to position connected devices with accuracy and precision.

White Glove Service from a Location Pioneer

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Skyhook pioneered mobile location since the first generation of smartphones; every location solution we design is customized to your unique needs to deliver the accuracy and features you require. We are dedicated to your success and provide a level of service, reliability, and flexibility that other solutions can’t match.  

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Technical Advantages

Skyhook location software uses algorithms and Wi-Fi signals to seamlessly track the position of phones, wearables, asset trackers, and other Wi-Fi enabled connected devices, in a battery-optimized way. Wi-Fi also enhances location accuracy and precision for devices operating on LPWAN networks. This enables devices to resolve location from long distances using minimum bandwidth, and increase accuracy as needed through complimentary Wi-Fi signals.

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An easy-to-deploy solution that uses existing Wi-Fi infrastructure


Accurate and precise location without additional hardware costs that come with installing alternative location systems like RFID


Location services for feature-constrained, devices along with those used indoors, and underground where GPS and cellular signals face obstructions

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Extended battery life compared to using GNSS receivers for location

Add Value to Connected Devices with Precision Location Software

Learn the value that industry-leading accuracy can add to Wi-Fi enabled devices across a number of IoT use cases.

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