Versatile Location Solutions for Any Use Case

Discover how Skyhook's Precision Location software can add value and functionality to nearly any kind of consumer, commercial or industrial device.

The Right Solution for Your Unique Needs

Explore Use Cases Across Industries 

Skyhook’s hybrid positioning software integrates with any device, platform, operating system, or application to provide accurate, battery-efficient location for any business need, with minimal BOM impact. 

Mobile Phones

Provide accurate and affordable positioning capabilities for phones with non-traditional operating systems.

Network Operators

Locate mobile phones and connected devices, either in-network or while roaming, in a power-optimized way.

Chips & Modules

Add Precision Location at the chip or module level through a time-saving, cost-effective solution.

Asset Trackers & Logistics

Use global positioning services to track assets and connected devices of all sizes, including those with small form factors, built with limited hardware.

Connected Wearables & mPERS

Provide connected wearables and mPERS devices with precise and accurate location anywhere in the world to track pets, loved ones, criminal offenders, and more.


Add location at the application level with a drop-in solution that delivers accuracy and precision for mapping, ridesharing, geotagging, social networking, and more.

Mobile Device Management

Remotely manage administrative access permissions and locate missing connected assets.

Platforms, Marketplaces & Operating Systems

Get customized or off-the-shelf integrations for accurate and precise location through universally available software for IoT platforms, marketplaces, and operating systems.

Fraud, Compliance, Safety & Security

Add a layer of location-based safety, security, or regulatory compliance protection to devices, apps, and personnel.

The Advantages
of Skyhook Solutions

Flexible Integration Options

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Five off-the-shelf options and additional customized integrations enable a broad range of applications, on-premise or through the cloud. Add location to any layer of a device, its platform, or OS, for a solution that’s as versatile as the number of possible use cases.

Industry Partner Network

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Skyhook’s relationships with chip manufacturers result in a complete pre-validated hardware/software location solution.

Battery-Friendly Approach

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Proprietary algorithms help preserve device power, with continuous investments and iterations being made to improve positioning potential across any IoT use case, in a battery-optimized way.

Personalized Service

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Our dedicated customer success and sales engineering team provide end-to-end onboarding, troubleshooting, and support.

Flexible Pricing

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Pricing is tailored to your use case. Pay only for the location features you need, without being bound to any other obligations or services.

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