Submit a Wi-Fi Access Point

Skyhook, wholly owned by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., uses Wi-Fi access points to help provide connected device location to current and prospective customers.

If you’re a current customer or are actively testing Skyhook and are experiencing incorrect location results, filling out the form below to update your Wi-Fi access point information in the Skyhook database could resolve this issue.

We’ll need your Wi-Fi’s MAC address and it’s location, however the MAC address of your Wi-Fi access point is not always simple to locate. Often, one or more MAC addresses will be printed on your access point, but please be aware that these are NOT the required MAC addresses. To learn what a MAC address is and how to get it, see our tutorial below.

You should receive an email confirming the data that you sent after submitting the form. If you don't receive a confirmation email, or the data you submitted doesn’t look right, please get in touch with any questions and we’ll be glad to help.

Note: Skyhook processes user submitted data immediately. For most devices, this means you should see the difference in your location right away. If you are updating the location of an access point already in our system, it may take up to 7 days for the new location to take effect on the device or app. Depending on how often our partners check our database, data entered here can take up to 7 days to be included in their results.

See our Privacy page for more information about how we handle personal data.


How to Submit Your Wireless MAC Address

Wireless routers generally have three different MAC addresses. One for LAN (sometimes LAN/WLAN), one for WAN, and one for the wireless radio. We need the MAC for the wireless radio. This is not the MAC address printed on your router’s case.

Below are some easy to use programs to get the correct MAC address quickly and easily. These tools will show you a list of all of the nearby Wireless Access Points with their SSID (Wi-Fi network name). Mark down the MAC address associated with your Access Point SSID.

You can use software like inSSIDer ( for all flavors of Windows.

iStumbler ( for Mac.

Once you have the correct MAC address, you can submit it above.