Pinpoint Location Accuracy with Skyhook Solutions

Increase the functionality of any device with Skyhook Precision Location software. Find the right solution for your specific needs with our in-depth offerings including Wi-Fi, cellular, IP, and hybrid positioning that works anywhere in the world, including indoors.

The Right Solution for Your Unique Needs

Location Solutions for Any Device

Locate your connected devices and mobile phones across numerous IoT use cases. Skyhook software integrates easily with any device, platform, operating system, or application either on-premise or through the cloud, to provide pinpoint accuracy while optimizing battery life and reducing hardware installation costs.

Wi-Fi Location

Install best-in-class location accuracy and precision to any Wi-Fi enabled component, device, or mobile phone.

Cellular Location

Enable location capabilities on mobile phones or any kind of cellular-band connected device, with zero impact to battery life.

Hybrid Location

Multiple signal types working together to provide best-in-class positioning on any connected device.

Emergency Location

Enhanced 911 (E911), Advanced Mobile Location (AML), and other emergency-based location requirements on any type of mobile phone, wearable, or connected device.

Indoor Location

Enable enhanced indoor location that’s accurate, precise, and reliable on any mobile phone, connected, or wearable device.

Offline Location

Accurately locate and track connected devices even without an active network connection.

LPWAN Location

Enhanced accuracy, precision, and roaming support for low-power, low-bandwidth devices operating on LPWAN networks like NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, and LTE Cat-M1.

Contextual Location

Enhance mobile experiences with real-world location context, push notifications, and other events enabled by contextual location services.

Location Infrastructure Analytics

Use Skyhook’s global library of location data to assess network infrastructure strength and reveal opportunities to improve reliability, coverage, and security.

The Advantages
of Skyhook Solutions

Flexible Integration Options

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Integrate Skyhook via customizable SDKs, applets, cloud APIs, or embedded solutions at any number of layers, even on feature-constrained devices.

Secure Transmission

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Confidently transmit data to provide accurate location and positioning information with the latest security measures, and in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

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Battery-Friendly Approach

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Low-power operation that’s optimized for devices built with minimal hardware, including those designed for long life, bandwidth-constraints and LPWAN applications.

Minimal Storage Needed

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Enable best-in-class location and positioning services on any connected device or mobile phone with minimal storage requirements.

White Glove Service from a Location Pioneer

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Skyhook provides always-on support, customizing each location solution to deliver the accuracy and features you need, without forcing you to pay for those you don’t.

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