Skyhook’s Precision Location leverages 450+ patents to accurately locate any connected device anywhere on the globe.

Flexible Integration

  • Customizable SDKs available for multiple operating systems
  • APIs and source code designed to work across all devices and architectures
  • Tunable settings and configurable functionality

Location Accuracy

  • Hybrid positioning leveraging optimal combinations of Wi-Fi, GPS, IP and Cell
  • Global coverage and accuracy
  • Fastest time-to-first-fix

Battery Efficiency

  • Patented client-side power conservation algorithms
  • Protocols optimized for individual use cases, hardware, or bandwidth limitations
  • Ability to control scans and minimize battery drain through API calls

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What makes Skyhook Precision Location different?


Global Coverage


Data Control


Offline Location


Power Conservation





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Powering Location for IoT

Highly secure, battery efficient and able to fit on any size chip or device, Precision Location for IoT positions connected things at scale. Even when GPS or cell tower signals are unavailable, Skyhook delivers location for Internet of Things devices across Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Healthcare using only Wi-Fi.

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