Precision Location for Mobile Phones

The production and market size of mobile phones is growing worldwide thanks in part to the rise of non-traditional operating systems. Device manufacturers that use these operating systems create phones with similar functionality to that of premium-priced smartphones at a fraction of the price.
Because location technology has become a core requirement for functions such as mapping on mobile phones, manufacturers need a drop-in location solution that is accurate and can be integrated in a number of ways.
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As the inventor of the modern-day standard for mobile device positioning and location, Skyhook is uniquely positioned to provide accurate location with flexible integration options. With a global collection of more than 5 billion Wi-Fi access points, over 200 million cell towers, and a partner network of leading hardware companies, Skyhook offers a one-stop solution for original equipment manufacturers, hardware suppliers, and operating system developers seeking an independent location provider for their products.

skyhook_industry_icon_pin   Flexible Integration Options

With flexible integration options that include customizable SDKs, firmware, cloud APIs, and embedded solutions, Skyhook can integrate with manufacturer hardware, chipsets, or operating systems to offer location software solutions at multiple levels. This degree of flexibility is a leading reason why manufacturers choose Skyhook as their chipset location provider or drop-in location replacement solution for devices running on stock and customized versions of the Android Operating System.

skyhook_industry_icon_pin   Non-Traditional Operating System Compatibility

Skyhook provides location for mobile phones running on non-traditional operating systems, such as KaiOS, allowing them to enable location-based features without subscribing to a wealth of bundled off-the-shelf solutions. This ability is valuable on phones that are specially designed to provide a high degree of functionality while built on limited hardware.

skyhook_industry_icon_pin   Battery Optimization & Intelligent Algorithms

Skyhook was recently selected to be the location provider for Kyocera's DuraXV Extreme phone. A large part of why is the ability to provide accurate location services while taking up minimal space on the device hardware, as well as helping optimize device life through battery-efficient hybrid positioning technology that intelligently blends Wi-Fi, GPS, and Cellular signals.

The skyhook difference

Customized Solutions

We understand that each customer will have a different use case for location technology. Some of those considerations include unique combinations of constraints like device size, battery life, and cost. Because of this, Skyhook offers an a-la-carte approach that allows customers to build geolocation solutions with features they need, without being forced to pay for those they don't.

Industry Partner Network

Skyhook has strong relationships with a number of the world’s leading chipset manufacturers and is the only pre-validated device-based hybrid solution that works on Qualcomm chipsets. When equipment manufacturers use Skyhook-enabled Qualcomm chipsets, they pair a market-leading location software with Qualcomm’s hardware development expertise for a pre-validated and reliable solution that’s ready to use immediately in mobile phones.

Emergency Call Location Solution

Network carriers also benefit from Skyhook’s partnership network, as it helps mobile phone manufacturers easily implement a reliable location solution on their devices when emergency calls are placed. Required for E911 compliance in the United States and 112 compliance across Europe, Skyhook quickly calculates the mobile phone’s location and then the physical device sends its location information to first responders.


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Learn how Skyhook can personalize a location solution for mobile phones, their associated operating systems, or the chipsets used within.


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