Skyhook Emergency Positioning Software

Skyhook’s Precision Location software adds industry-leading accuracy to all mobile phones, while also helping mobile phone manufacturers meet location-based requirements during emergency calls.


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HOW emergency positioning software WORKS

Skyhook’s Emergency Positioning Software (EPS) integrates onto mobile phone chipsets and operating systems to help service carriers position devices on their networks when an emergency call is placed. Accurate positioning is a critical piece of providing first responders the ability to locate a device user in the event of an emergency. In factthis capability is a federally mandated requirement that network operators must meet in the United States and across Europe.
Skyhook's EPS does not require a dedicated app installation or other action on the part of the user to work. Instead, the solution is already embedded onto the device firmware or operating system. This direct integration is made possible through Skyhook's close collaboration with a network of chipset and operating system partners, such as Qualcomm and Kai, which allows customers using devices with specific chipsets to automatically obtain location.
Key features include:
  • Standalone crowd-sourced Wi-Fi and ECID positioning methods with global coverage, in accordance with the 3GPP TS 38.305 technical specification. Support is required for standalone GNSS from the modem chipset.
  • Help with completing a device-side location fix on handsets, without network assistance, when a location request is triggered by an emergency event.
  • Providing network-only (Wi-Fi and Cell) results or hybrid location results to the solution (depending on the integration).

advantages of skyhook's emergency positioning software


Over 17 Years of Technical Expertise

Fast location fixes from the inventors of the modern-day standard for mobile device positioning.

Direct Partner Relationships

This allows chipsets and operating systems to come pre-loaded with accurate device location capability.

Device-Based Hybrid Positioning Algorithm

Uses the best combination of Wi-Fi & Cell or GPS signals to precisely calculate the device location.

Can Provide Support for Emergency Requirements over Cellular Access

Provides device-based hybrid (DBH) positioning over LPP and LPPe per the 3GPP 38.355 specification for E911 in the United States.

Can Provide Support for Emergency Requirements over Non-Cellular Access

Allows IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) VoIP and VoWiFi emergency location reporting per the RFC4119 specification.



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