Precision Location for Devices and Applications


Mobile Phones

Consumers have come to expect precise location-based features from their smartphones and feature phones. Skyhook makes it easy to achieve industry-leading location capabilities, location validation for apps, and help network carriers meet regulatory requirements for locating mobile devices during emergency calls.

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Wearables & Watches

From fitness bands to smartwatches, mPERS (mobile personal emergency response) lanyards to wearable cameras, Skyhook enables accurate location for nearly all wearable use cases, including safety devices that monitor kids, pets, or the elderly. 

Smart Appliances

For the end-user, location-equipped smart appliances offer enhanced services and experiences such as local weather, news, and emergency information. For the manufacturer, location data provides advanced diagnostics reports that can inform decisions regarding operations, warranty, or support.

Personal Asset Location

Precision Location can be deployed in devices that track personal assets, such as laptops, luggage, cars, keys, or other valuables. Since the software has low battery demands and flexible configurations, it represents a cost-effective location solution for asset tracking and enterprise device management.

Smart City Infrastructure

Location-equipped smart city devices (such as parking meters or sensors on lighting or at public transportation hubs) generate important insights for urban planning. City planners can leverage location data to make decisions that save money, alleviate traffic, and otherwise enhance residents’ quality of life.

Supply Chain Tracking

Location-based asset tracking solutions can increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve operations. Track assets as they move within a warehouse, workplace or throughout the entire supply chain. Filter and add context to the location data for use in predictive analytics, supply chain optimization, or location-based market research.

Point of Sales Devices

Add accurate location to Point of Sale devices to track asset distribution and enhance the user experience with improved global support and start-up UI optimizations, such as setting the correct language, time zone, and the local payment service or fulfillment partner by default.

The skyhook difference

Global Coverage & Accuracy

Skyhook can position devices wherever they travel: indoors, outdoors, outside of network coverage, or even if they’ve gone offline.


Patented Technology & Industry Expertise

Our proprietary hybrid location positioning system utilizes algorithms for GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular signals. These algorithms, coupled with global coverage via 5+ billion geolocated Wi-Fi access points, enable us to provide the most accurate and precise device location available.


Better Battery Life

This resource-efficient software solution uses less battery than hardware-based alternatives. Configure deployment-specific details, such as frequency of location transmission, to preserve device battery life even further. 


Easy Integration Options

There are four options to easily integrate Precision Location software on any connected device, including proprietary operating systems. Skyhook offers customizable SDKs, flexible location APIs, and source code configurable to any use case.


LPWAN Compatible

Skyhook developed Precision Location to be compatible with LoRaWAN to suit devices that need minimum bandwidth and power consumption. Locate devices globally with high accuracy even when LoRa gateways are sparse.


Flexible Pricing

Part of our tailored solution is a competitive pricing structure to suit your budget and use case. Contact us to request a quote.


Learn more about how Precision Location generates business value while maintaining profitability. See the solutions sheet for features, tech specs, and integration options.

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