Precision Location for Chip Manufacturers, Module Makers, & Operating Systems

Chip manufacturers, module makers, and operating system developers know how difficult it can be to monitor devices or unlock insights in devices with limited memory, hardware, and size. Skyhook’s Precision Location software sets the standard for location validation – even in resource-constrained devices and difficult environments. 


Our proprietary hybrid positioning system utilizes GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular signal algorithms, coupled with global coverage via 5+ billion geolocated Wi-Fi access points, to provide the most accurate and precise device location available.


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Transform Your Products with Global Location Coverage

Chip Manufacturers

Skyhook positioning software gives chip manufacturers a powerful way to easily and affordably add value at the manufacturing stage, either as part of a system-on-a-chip (SOC) solution or otherwise. For original equipment manufacturers looking to provide best in class chipsets with a location component, pre-installed Skyhook technology offers tremendous value.

Module Makers

Accurate location in IoT modules is a mission-critical function. Furthermore, these modules are put to work in any number of use cases, environments, and form factors. From shipping containers, to fleet vehicles traveling through urban and rural areas, to connected devices that must function in extreme weather, Skyhook location technology remains robust and reliable.

Operating System Developers

Android and other mobile operating system developers can achieve reliable worldwide location coverage using Skyhook technology. Furthermore, Skyhook provides a cost-effective way for non-GMS devices utilizing a custom-built operating system to leverage reliable location for their products without being tied into a broader ecosystem with unnecessary features and costs.

Skyhook Technical advantages


Better Battery Life

Precision Location is a resource-efficient software solution that uses less battery than hardware-based alternatives. Configure deployment-specific details, such a frequency of location transmission, to preserve device battery life even further.


Easy Integration Options

There are four options to easily integrate Precision Location software on any connected device, including proprietary operating systems. Skyhook offers customizable SDKs, flexible location APIs, and source code configurable to any use case.


Always-On Support

Skyhook’s precision location software comes with the integration support of our Sales Engineering Team, which can help resolve any challenges along the way.

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