Precision Location for Platforms, Marketplaces, and Operating Systems

Universally available software for IoT platforms, marketplaces, and operating systems that provides customized or off-the-shelf integrations for accurate and precise location.

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How Location Works On Platforms, Marketplaces, and Operating SystemS

Connected devices throughout IoT are rapidly gaining adoption globally thanks in large part to platforms, marketplaces, and operating systems. See how Skyhook can maximize value through location without bogging down network bandwidth.  

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Unique Solutions for Platform, Operating System, and Marketplace Device Positioning

Flexible Integration Options

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Flexible integration options include customizable SDKs, firmware, cloud APIs, and embedded solutions. This flexibility allows location to be integrated at the hardware, chipset, or operating system level, and has helped establish Skyhook as a leading provider of drop-in location solutions.

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Industry Partner Network

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Skyhook has relationships with many leading chipset manufacturers and is the only pre-validated device-based hybrid solution that works on Qualcomm chipsets. Skyhook-enabled Qualcomm chipsets combine market-leading location software with Qualcomm hardware for a pre-validated and reliable solution that’s ready to use immediately in mobile phones.

Low-Power Technology

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Proprietary algorithms help preserve device power, with continuous investments and iterations being made to improve positioning potential across any IoT use case, in a battery-optimized way.  

Flexible Pricing

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Pricing is tailored to your use case. Pay only for the location features you need, without being bound to any other obligations or services. 

Personalized Services

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Includes a dedicated customer success and sales engineering team to onboard, troubleshoot, and support. 

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Skyhook Solutions

Customized Solutions

Precision Location provides positioning through a suite of solutions and integration options customized to individual use cases. Read more about each solution here.

Solutions Include:

Wi-Fi Positioning Cellular Positioning Hybrid Positioning Enhanced Indoor Positioning Emergency Positioning Offline Positioning Learn More



Solution Sheet: Precision Location for Platforms, Marketplaces and Operating Systems

Learn how Skyhook’s Precision Location software sets the standard for positioning in any environment. 

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