End User Opt-Out of Skyhook Products


We understand that users care about their privacy. At Skyhook, we are committed to providing you with transparency and choice as to how your information is used and shared. Please see the Skyhook Services Privacy Policy for more information on Skyhook’s commitment to privacy protection.

Skyhook is wholly owned by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Overview of the Services We Provide

Skyhook services include our Precision Location and Context Accelerator solutions as well as the My.Skyhook customer portal. Skyhook’s Precision Location provides location determination services using GPS, cell, WiFi and IP address data. Our Context Accelerator solution uses location data and other third party data, including mobile advertising identifiers, to geofence venues and points of interest and to create profiles that draw inferences about user preferences and interests. My.Skyhook provides Skyhook’s customers with an analytics dashboard to monitor their usage and manage their geofence campaigns.

For more information on the type of data collected by our services and how it is used and shared, please read Skyhook’s Privacy Policy pertaining to the services that we provide.

Opt-Out Choices

Skyhook believes that delivering geographic location and targeted and relevant content has the potential to enhance your mobile experience. Nevertheless, we understand that you may still prefer to opt-out from being included in Skyhook’s data collection practices. To opt-out from specific data collection practices, please use the form below.