Precision Location for Mobile Phones

Skyhook’s drop-in location solution helps mobile phones with non-traditional operating systems achieve similar positioning capabilities as premium smartphones at a fraction of the price.

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Flexible, Accurate Positioning for Any Mobile Phone

Skyhook’s Precision Location software uses Wi-Fi, and Cellular signals either independently or alongside GPS as part of a hybrid solution, to accurately locate any device, indoors or outdoors, worldwide. Multiple integration options and proprietary technology make it easy to enable location-based functions and services without draining mobile phone battery life or driving up device costs.

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Unique Precision Location Solutions From the Pioneers in Mobile Phone Positioning

Flexible Integration Options

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Skyhook integration options include customizable SDKs, firmware, cloud APIs, and embedded solutions. This level of flexibility means location can be integrated at the hardware, chipset, or operating system level, and has helped establish Skyhook as a leading independent location provider with drop-in solutions for devices running alternative operating systems and custom versions of Android.

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Non-Traditional OS Compatibility

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Phones built for high functionality on limited hardware often leverage non-traditional operating systems. Skyhook provides location for devices running KaiOS and other operating systems, allowing them to enable location-based features through a single all-in-one solution.

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Hardware and Battery Efficient

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Precision Location software uses Wi-Fi and cellular signals or intelligently blends them alongside GPS to accurately determine device location, while taking up minimal space on device hardware and helping optimize device life and battery efficiency.

Industry Partner Network

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Skyhook has relationships with many leading chipset manufacturers and is the only pre-validated device-based hybrid solution that works on Qualcomm chipsets. Skyhook-enabled Qualcomm chipsets combine market-leading location software with Qualcomm hardware for a pre-validated and reliable solution that’s ready to use immediately in mobile phones.



Skyhook Solutions

Customized Solutions

Every device or phone comes with a unique combination of size, battery, or cost constraints. Skyhook offers an a-la-carte approach so that customers can access the geolocation features they need without paying for those they don’t.

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Skyhook SolutioNS

Emergency Location Resolution

Meet E911, E112, or other location requirements with an easy-to-implement solution. Skyhook software integrates onto mobile phone chipsets and operating systems to help network operators position devices when an emergency call is placed.

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Solution Sheet: Precision Location for Mobile Phones

See fast facts on Skyhook’s mobile phone positioning solutions. Understand our proprietary hybrid positioning technology, its capabilities, and integration options. Gain insight on how to add value and enable location-based services even in resource-constrained devices.

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