Qualcomm Technologies has completed the acquisition of Skyhook and is pleased to come together to further support the availability of location solutions to accelerate digital transformation.


Mobile Phone Location Solutions That Don't Strain Hardware

Skyhook’s Precision Location software adds industry-leading positioning to all mobile phones, which enables premium location-based features with minimal BOM impact and a pricing structure suited to your use case.

In this solution sheet, you’ll learn the benefits of adding Precision Location to mobile phones, such as:

  • The value that location services can add to apps and other location-based features.
  • What makes our location software unique and accurate.
  • Multiple integration options and proprietary technology that helps save battery and prolong device life.

Download the solution sheet for insights on how Precision Location helps you meet your business goals while avoiding hardware drain.

Companies Leveraging Skyhook

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Mobile Phone Precision Location Solutions