LPWAN Location

Low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) are popular for IoT deployments, but these devices often need enhanced positioning capabilities beyond what's possible through network-side connections alone. Skyhook’s Precision Location software provides enhanced location accuracy, roaming support, and fallback solutions using Wi-Fi, and cellular signals. 

Applications & Use Cases

Precision Location provides seamless location for connected devices moving throughout the world, using a range of networks including LPWAN. Skyhook’s Precision Location software intelligently switches between the best available signals in a given environment for accurate and precise location results anywhere. The integrations for Skyhook’s software are as diverse as the number of use cases, which include: 

Connected Wearables & mPERS Asset Trackers & Logistics Chips & Modules Network OperatorsApplicationsMobile Device Management

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Skyhook’s Unique Approach to LPWAN Location

Numerous Integration Options

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Flexible integration options that include direct SMLC (LMF) integration to Skyhook’s location servers for control plane locations with enhanced accuracy through supplemental Wi-Fi and cellular signals. 

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Enhanced Accuracy

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Devices on LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT networks improve accuracy with Wi-Fi and/or cellular measurements, for support while roaming outside home networks or when a fallback solution is needed.

No Add-ons Required

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Skyhook software can be directly embedded onto the device firmware or operating system, thanks in part to our collaboration with a network of leading chipset and operating system partners, such as Qualcomm and KaiOS. This helps devices use LPWAN location quickly, without dedicating time and resources to pre-test or validate the solution.

Backed by a Leading Global Location Network

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Skyhook software intelligently taps into a global location network with more than 5 billion Wi-Fi access points and over 200 million cellular IDs alongside a suite of algorithms to enhance location accuracy on LPWAN devices. 

White Glove Service from a Location Pioneer

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Skyhook pioneered mobile location since the first generation of smartphones; every location solution we design is customized to your unique needs to deliver the accuracy and features you require. We are dedicated to your success and provide a level of service, reliability, and flexibility that other solutions can’t match.  

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Technical Advantages

LPWAN networks offer benefits such as the ability to transmit signals over long distances at low bandwidths, but when it comes to location, LPWAN network-side location alone can fall short of offering the level of accuracy and precision needed. Skyhook solves for this limitation while still preserving LPWAN benefits like power consciousness and network switching. Through its legacy of mobile device positioning across multiple network types, Skyhook Precision Location can add a number of advantages to LPWAN devices operating on multiple networks including:

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Cost-effective deployments that improve location accuracy

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Enhanced accuracy and reduced latency times for long-range LPWAN devices with limited data transmission frequencies


Ability to achieve desired accuracy level without over-deploying LoRaWAN or Sigfox gateways

Add Value to LPWAN Devices with Precision Location Software

Learn the value that industry-leading accuracy can add to LPWAN devices across a number of IoT use cases.

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