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Skyhook's Precision Location software allows companies to locate devices globally, even when offline, in an extremely power-efficient manner. As the world’s leading independent location provider, we’re able to customize our product to meet the unique needs of each customer.

With multiple integration options, even the smallest, most resource-constrained devices can benefit from Skyhook’s global location network. This solution provides the most accurate and precise location available, allowing organizations to reduce operational costs and improve system efficiencies.


Precision Location provides organizations with the ability to locate devices globally, even when offline, in an extremely power-efficient manner. This solution provides the most accurate and precise location available anywhere in the market, allowing organizations to reduce operational costs and improve system efficiencies.


Precision Location is a hybrid location positioning system that locates devices using Wi-Fi, GNSS, and Cell signals, ensuring that all devices can be located in all environments.

Skyhook's hybrid Wi-Fi location solution provides the ability to locate connected devices, even when offline, in an extremely power-efficient manner.

Skyhook offers flexible integration options suitable for the entire spectrum of IoT devices. This system enables Skyhook to provide the most accurate and precise location available.

With this wide range of integration options, we can provide location for asset tracking, wearables, connected appliances, point of sale devices, and more.

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Skyhook’s location SDKs provide one of our most common, off-the-shelf, integration methods. Skyhook has developed SDKs for the most used operating systems including Android, several Linux variations, Windows, MacOS and Raspberry Pi.

The Precision Location SDK provides all the tools and documentation needed to perform highly-accurate location on devices. It provides a full location solution on the leading edge of hybrid positioning technology.




Skyhook’s RESTful Cloud location API is a great location solution for connected devices that communicate to the network through either proprietary or network defined protocols, and leverage server-to-server communication to resolve location based on observed network signals.

The interface returns a location and accuracy error estimate based on information about cell towers, GPS locations and Wi-Fi access points that the end device or client can detect, which are packaged into individual location requests.



Skyhook’s Embedded Client (EC) is the most compact library for enabling location services. EC is open source and utilizes a binary protocol for lightweight data transmission, as well as AES encryption. Location response routing to a 3rd party server, tool, or visualization platform can be easily configured for both monitoring and storage purposes. This package is intentionally much more raw in terms of interfaces exposed to partners and customers, and intended as a toolkit for embedded engineering teams.

EC is best designed for embedded and wearable use cases with devices that have no OS, a proprietary or embedded RTOS - such as MPERs, asset tags, child tracking devices and various applications within the IoT market.



Skyhook’s ‘Lite Client’ is an open-source code base that allows customers to integrate a simple software package on the device in order to scan for available signals. Once collected by the device, customers with an API key can connect to the Skyhook service in order to receive location determination services. Lite Client is location awareness in a slightly lighter weight package. It's written in C++ and deployed as a dynamic library, with a C API exposed to applications.

Most importantly, the Lite Client provides a pluggable software architecture that can easily be ported to new platforms and/or devices for remote location resolution.



The most commonly used plug and play integration option for non-Google Mobile Services (GMS)or WearOS devices is Skyhook’s full-featured Android Location Provider. Skyhook offers a location provider replacement to service requests through standard Android NLP/FLP location interfaces. This allows drop in replacement for both Android Network Location Provider or Fused Location Provider on devices without Google Mobile Services and Google Play Services.