Mobility Index 

Skyhook’s Mobility Index is a powerful new tool that uses mobile device movements to model population behaviors at global, national, state, and county levels.


Understanding device movement patterns and how they change over time, is a powerful way to make informed business decisions in response to changes in public health policies and shelter-in-place orders. 


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The Mobility Index

The Mobility Index works by using hundreds of millions of devices and aggregating their associated movement trends. When changes in movement trends occur, the Mobility Index can determine the scale and intensity of those changes. 

Visualize changes in device movements in an easy-to-understand dashboard view. Customized views show the metrics most relevant to each use case.

Mobility index with visualize changes

Use cases

Retail Stores

Observe changes in movement pattern levels across different areas to understand where activity levels have increased and retail storefronts should be re-opened.


By knowing the cities, towns, and states where devices are moving more frequently and across a broader area, restaurants can plan their re-openings and return to normal operations. Because widespread increases in device movements are a good indicator of changes in public policy, the Mobility Index is a real-time reflection of behavior patterns that happen as a result. 

Targeted Advertising

Reach your customers in areas where they’re moving outside of their homes. Strategically spend advertising budgets in areas where they’re likely to see the most return, based on areas that have seen increases in consumer foot traffic.

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