Meet Skyhook at IoT World, Santa Clara, CA

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Join us at IoT World, California 

May 13-16 | Santa Clara Convention Center, CA | Booth 1707

Heading to IoT World in Santa Clara, CA? Meet the Skyhook team at booth #1707 or set up a time to discuss your location needs. 

If you have a need for location services or data, or are curious about how your company can leverage location, we'd love to get in touch. 

A little bit about Skyhook:

Skyhook’s Precision Location hybrid positioning system locates devices using Wi-Fi, GNSS and Cell signals, ensuring that all devices can be located in all environments. The solution provides the ability to locate devices even when offline, in an extremely power efficient manner - offering integration options suitable for the entire spectrum of connected devices. This system enables Skyhook to provide the most accurate and precise location available.

Skyhook's Geospatial Insights solution makes it easier to apply location data analysis to business intelligence. Location insights provide the keys to unlocking in-depth understanding of consumers’ behaviors and preferences. 

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