Indoor Location

Skyhook’s Precision Location software delivers enhanced indoor device positioning that’s accurate, precise, and reliable through flexible integration options and specially-designed tools to survey indoor environments. Great for locating phones, wearables, asset trackers, and other connected devices, as they move indoors, in a battery-optimized way.  

Precision Location is a hybrid positioning system that intelligently uses Wi-Fi and cellular signals, either independently or through dynamic combinations alongside GPS, to locate any connected device anywhere in the world, including indoors.  

Unlike other indoor technologies like RFID and BLE, Precision Location uses existing network infrastructure to deliver location in a way that easily scales to includes new access points if more precision is needed, without requiring costly new hardware investments. 

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Applications & Use Cases

Skyhook delivers a low-latency indoor solution that is great for a number of applications. Common use cases include warehouses that need to track personnel, machinery, and goods in real-time. Our solution can add enhanced accuracy if needed for a particular use case, with the help of an Android signal survey application called OnSite, which maps access points in a particular area to deliver floor-level accuracy. Explore use cases for:

Connected Wearables & mPERS Asset Trackers & Logistics Mobile PhonesChips & Modules Network OperatorsApplications Mobile Device Management

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The Advantages of Skyhook’s Unique Approach to Indoor Location

Flexible Integration Options

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Flexible integration options include customizable SDKs, SIM applets, cloud APIs, and embedded solutions. This flexibility allows location to be integrated at any number of layers and has helped establish Skyhook as a leading provider of drop-in location replacement solutions. 

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Battery-Friendly Approach

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Many devices are already constantly in contact with cell towers and wireless access points in order to maintain connectivity. Skyhook software can use the same signals to determine device location, with zero or minimal incremental impact on battery life. Additional algorithms help with features like caching and minimal transmission size for additional battery-savings.

Backed by a Leading Global Location Network

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Skyhook software intelligently taps into a global and self-healing location network with more than 5 billion wireless access points, over 200 million cellular towers, and a suite of tools to position connected devices with accuracy and precision.  

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White Glove Service from a Location Pioneer

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Skyhook pioneered mobile location since the first generation of smartphones; we have deployed nationwide U-TDOA E-911 networks for AT&T and T-Mobile. Our knowledgeable team provides always-on support throughout the entire relationship. We customize each location solution to deliver the accuracy and features you need, without forcing you to pay for those you don’t. 

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Technical Advantages

Implementing Skyhook’s signal network enables accuracy results to improve over time, as new technologies and standards are built and deployed. Wi-Fi round-trip timing (RTT), part of the IEEE 802.11 protocol, is an example of this. With Wi-Fi RTT, devices use time-of-flight (ToF) as opposed to measuring the signal strength to determine the distance from the AP. By doing this, Wi-Fi RTT enables devices to calculate the location within up to 1-3 meters. The decision to use Wi-Fi as an indoor positioning technology will continue to increase in value in the future as additional new technologies come to fruition and provide even greater levels of accuracy. Additional benefits include:

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Lightweight transmission protocols that won’t bog down network speeds.


A low-power and low-bandwidth solution so devices can resolve location without a significant impact to device battery life or network speeds.

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Cost-saving approach eliminates the need and time to install new hardware infrastructure found in technologies like RFID.


Enhanced accuracy and location support for devices operating on LPWAN networks.

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Precision location can incorporate BLE signals for enhanced accuracy in cases that require beacons, to augment low-signals environments.

Add Value to Connected Devices with Indoor Location Services

Learn about Precision Location software configurations for indoor location uses. See the solutions sheet for features, tech specs, and integration options.   

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