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Meet Skyhook at Mobile World Congress Americas, Los Angeles, CA

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Mobile World Congress Americas

October 26 - 28 | Los Angeles, CA

Meet Skyhook in booth 725!

Heading to Mobile World Congres Americas in Los Angeles, CA? Come and meet the Skyhook team in booth #725 or set up a time to discuss your location needs. If you have a need for location software, or are curious about how your company can leverage location, we'd love to connect. Fill out the form and we will be in touch to set up a time that works for you.

A little bit about Skyhook:

Skyhook’s Precision Location software adds industry-leading accuracy to all mobile phones, which enables location-based features. As the inventor of the modern-day standard for mobile device positioning and location, Skyhook is uniquely positioned to provide accurate location with flexible integration options. With a global collection of more than 5 billion Wi-Fi access points, over 200 million cell towers, and a partner network of leading hardware companies, Skyhook offers a one-stop solution for original equipment manufacturers, hardware suppliers, and operating system developers seeking an independent location provider for their products.

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At Skyhook, we believe that great location data can create a better, more seamlessly connected world. Our technologists and data scientists are hard at work engineering low power, privacy-centric location awareness for everything mobile.

We were the original Blue Dot on the map. Now, we’re using our expertise to help businesses leverage location and make data-driven decisions.