Qualcomm Technologies has completed the acquisition of Skyhook and is pleased to come together to further support the availability of location solutions to accelerate digital transformation.


Five Integration Options to Enable the Use of Precise Location in any Mobile Device

Download the Guide To Compare/Contrast The Features of SDK, Lite Client, Embedded Client, and JSON or XML APIs


Skyhook’s Precision Location software is a hybrid positioning system that locates devices using Wi-Fi, cellular, and GNSS signals, ensuring that all devices can be located in any environment.

Our hybrid location solution provides the ability to locate connected devices, even when offline, in an extremely power-efficient way.

Skyhook offers flexible integration options suitable for the entire spectrum of IoT devices. This system enables Skyhook to provide the most accurate and precise location available.

Download the guide to learn more about the integration options for Precision Location software.

Companies Leveraging Skyhook

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