Resolving Location on Raspberry Pi

Use the Skyhook Precision Location SDK to enable offline location capabilities in your next Raspberry Pi project. Access the tutorial below to see how.

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Skyhook’s unique hybrid positioning system allows developers to add location on Raspberry Pi device prototypes. Experience location software that works indoors and outdoors, online and offline, using Wi-Fi signals without requiring GPS receivers or any other additional hardware.

Tutorial: Raspberry Pi Offline Tracker

Use Skyhook Location to generate and redeem Offline Tokens on a Raspberry Pi device running Raspberry Pi OS. Follow these instructions to create a tracking device (such as an automobile tracker) that turns on and off with the power source and connects to the Internet only when in range of a known, pre-configured Wi-Fi network. 

The device will continuously record its location whether connected to the Internet or not and will dynamically detect when it is connected to a network so it can reconcile previous locations and build a trip map KML file for each trip taken. KML is an XML file format that specifies a set of features (placemarks, images, polygons, 3D models, textual descriptions, etc.) for display in geospatial software.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to: 

1. Configure your Raspberry Pi device with Wi-Fi
2. Install the Skyhook Precision Location SDK on your Raspberry Pi
3. Find location on the device while connected to the Internet and while disconnected using Skyhook Offline Location
4. Look up offline location
5. Build a map of your trip/the device’s journey in KML.

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Location Resources for Developers

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Precision Location is Skyhook's flagship solution for connected devices. It is a hybrid positioning system that uses a series of algorithms alongside Wi-Fi, Cellular, and GPS signals either independently or through dynamic combinations, to ensure that all devices can be accurately located in all environments. With incredibly flexible integration options suitable for high- and low-resource devices alike, Precision Location software can meet multifaceted location needs, including:

1) Global positioning: 
Enable location on any device, anywhere in the world.

2) Offline positioning: 
Position devices even without network connectivity.

3) Indoor positioning: 
Optimize indoor positioning without the need to add or maintain additional infrastructure.

Skyhook's Precision Location Software easily transfers from prototype to production-ready devices. Visit the solutions page for more information about its many commercial and industrial use cases, or create an account to get started with a risk-free, no-cost trial.