Context SDK

Location intelligence and geofencing for your mobile app

Context makes accurate in-store geofence marketing a reality by triggering app actions and messages instantly; allowing brands to create sophisticated campaigns for their mobile customers in real-time and optimizing their experiences as they move throughout their day.

Use cases


Attribution - Identify users exposed to your ad campaigns and then measure their response via foot traffic analysis.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence - Geofence competitor locations to get a better sense of consumer foot traffic patterns and loyalty levels. By monitoring your competitors’ locations, you’ll be able to identify new prospective customers or win back ones you’ve lost.

Geofence Advertising

Geofence Advertising - Deliver moment-in-time offers or future content. Use our mobile geofencing solution to understand purchase history and drive repeat visits with exclusive discounts.

Real-Time Triggers

Real-Time Triggers - Activate your phone’s “gym mode” when you approach the gym to surface entrance credentials or trigger “restaurant mode” and send healthy menu recommendations when you visit a QSR. 

Travel Alerts

Travel Alerts - Remind travelers to notify your bank of an upcoming trip by geofencing airports. This can pre-empt expensive and frustrating card freezes, which then improves your customer experience for those traveling abroad.  

Partner Opportunities

Partner Opportunities - Trigger reminders to consumers when they are leaving a grocery store about using their earned points at partner stores nearby.

In-App Ordering

In-App Ordering - Initiate an order at a QSR chain at the right time using our geofencing solution to guarantee on-time pick-up.

Secure Transactions

Secure Transactions - Increase the security of your customers’ transactions by verifying their mobile location when they use their card an at ATM location. Matching transactions to mobile locations can reduce the number of mistaken fraudulent charges and assure customers of their funds’ security.

Why Skyhook?

Location Experts

Location Experts

We are location experts and pioneers. With more than 15 years of experience and 650+ patents, and  4+ billion geolocated Wi-Fi access points globally, our track record is unmatched. When working with us, you will gain a trusted partner who lives and breathes location.
Infinite Mobile Geofencing

Infinite Mobile Geofencing

Our enterprise-level venue management systems allow you to enable thousands of geofences for the brands you care about with just a few clicks of the mouse. Create unlimited mobile geofences for quantifiable insight into users' offline behaviors.
Curated Venue Database

Curated Venue Database

We use our machine learning algorithms to accurately detect open and closed venues. This ensures that you don't inaccurately geofence a store that has closed or changed hands.
Venue Lock

Venue Lock

We’ve mapped Wi-Fi signals to individual venues in order to know what the signal environment of a specific brand looks like. For devices and operating systems that can detect Wi-Fi, this enhances in-venue detection based on the ability to sense the signal environment rather than analyzing location resolution relative to absolute venue footprint.
Battery Efficiency

Battery Efficiency

The Context SDK consumes less than 1% of smartphone battery power per hour over the course of a typical day based on 3,000 mAh capacity. Skyhook uses a nested clustering technique to toggle active geofences on and off for optimal responsiveness, so you can trigger relevant content and experiences at the exact moment that your users cross a geofence.
Ease of Integration

Ease of Integration

All SDKs offered by Skyhook can be downloaded here. For our Context SDK selections, users are redirected to GitHub repositories for full documentation as well as instructions for pulling assets into your own project by using Skyhooks Maven URL on Android, and CocoaPods for iOS. Within the downloads resources page, links are also provided directing to GitHub repos for reference “Quick Start” Applications. Using the provided resources, standard geofencing integrations are often completed and functionally tested in a single sprint.


Skyhook SDKs follow all applicable privacy requirements, including interfaces for user consent for use of location and for targeted advertising. Skyhook’s SDKs will observe all opt-out layers, including platform or app level settings on iOS and Android respectively. In order to collect ADID on Google Android, the device must have Google play services installed. In order to access IDFA on iOS, the app must have Apple’s AdFramework installed. Alternatively, apps can set their own user ID using an API within our SDKs, or disable data collection by setting the Accelerator.setOptedIn interface to “false”. Skyhook does not collect PII (such as name, home address, email address, credit card number) or associate it with an advertising ID.

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