Location should be at the heart of the personalized digital experience. Skyhook's Context enables you to understand your users’ journey, interact with them in real-time and optimize their experiences as they move through time and space

User Centric

  • <1% smartphone battery usage per hour, minimizing drain on user devices
  • Consumer focused, adhering to all OS and user provided permissions
  • Highest level of data control, we don't resell user data

Location-based Experiences

  • 400+ patents to provide the highest level of confidence in geofence triggers under all conditions
  • Enhance real-time user engagement by providing contextually relevant experiences
  • Unlock messaging in the moment

Behavioral Insights

  • Understand your audience based on aggregate geofence counts or reactions to digital campaigns
  • Integrate all location based insights directly into your CRM systems
  • Influence engagement based on offline demographic and behavioral persona segments

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What makes Skyhook Context different?


Enterprise Level Geofencing


Precision and Accuracy


Battery Efficient


User Insights


Continuously Curated Venues


Data Control

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In-store Marketing

Our SDK allows your apps to recognize a store’s unique identity (such as “Walmart” or “Starbucks”) based on Wi-Fi signals almost immediately. When a device enters a store or venue, you can trigger actions or messages instantly. As a result, we’ve taken behavioral analytics and geofencing to the next level.

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