Precision Location for Chips & Modules

Skyhook’s Precision Location software  provides a time-saving, cost-effective positioning solution at the chip or module level. 

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Location on Chips & Modules

See how Skyhook works to provide accurate and precise location using Wi-Fi, cellular, and/or GPS signals as part of a hybrid solution, embedded directly on chips and modules. 

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Unique Precision Location Solutions for Any Chip or Module

Flexible Integration Options

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Flexible integration options include customizable SDKs, firmware, cloud APIs, and embedded solutions. This flexibility allows location to be integrated at the hardware, chipset, or operating system level, and has helped establish Skyhook as a leading provider of drop-in location solutions.

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Non-Traditional OS Compatibility

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Phones built for high functionality on limited hardware often leverage non-traditional operating systems. Skyhook provides location for devices running KaiOS and other operating systems, allowing them to enable location-based features through a single all-in-one solution.

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Flexible Pricing

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Choose from options that make the most sense for each use case, based on the location request frequency that’s needed. 

Personalized Service

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Includes a dedicated customer success and sales engineering team to onboard, troubleshoot, and support. 

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Skyhook Solutions

Pre-integrating chips and modules with location software immediately adds value. Skyhook offers a wide range of solutions to meet your unique use case.

Solutions Include:

Wi-Fi Positioning Cellular PositioningHybrid Positioning Enhanced Indoor Positioning Emergency PositioningOffline Positioning Learn More

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Solution Sheet: Precision Location for Chip and Module Manufacturers

Learn how Skyhook’s Precision Location software sets the standard for positioning on chips and modules, even in resource-constrained devices and difficult environments. 

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