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Jun 8, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Your Location Questions, Answered

Posted by Skyhook

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When it comes to location data, there are a lot of questions around accuracy, privacy, data collection and source. A recent MarTech article challenges companies to do their homework and ask the right questions before investing in location services. We have made it easy and have answers to the key questions below:  

Is the Data Accurate?

Accuracy is everything when it comes to location, which is why Skyhook provides location with 95% confidence. This means you can be 95% certain the user is within Skyhook’s Horizontal Positioning Error (HPE). While HPEs from other location providers may seem smaller, the confidence in their accuracy is significantly lower because they return HPE at the median (50th) or 67th percentiles. We leverage over 450 patents to deliver pinpoint accuracy anywhere on the globe.

What Sources Were Used?

A location is only as good as its source. Skyhook has a hybrid positioning system that incorporates data from Wi-Fi, GPS and cell for more precise location than GPS and cell towers alone. IP based location can place users in the wrong cities, states and possibly the wrong country. Cell towers can broadcast signals up to 40 miles. Wi-Fi access points can be moved and repositioned by the owners over and over. GPS requires line of sight and can be challenging in ‘urban canyons’ and inside buildings. Skyhook is an established leader in hybrid positioning intelligently using a combination of signals to position devices and their users. Through data collected organically via our SDK, our APIs and ingestion from certified sources, Skyhook has maintained it’s footing in being the leader for positioning and location intelligence.

How Was it Collected?

In the early days and in countries that did not have a lot of coverage, Skyhook collected a lot of data by driving around and picking up Wi-Fi signals. With integration of Skyhook’s Context SDK, Skyhook can leverage hybrid positioning (a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular signals) to pinpoint location with high accuracy. Once location has been resolved, Skyhook’s Context SDK can then determine whether or not a user is inside or within range of any of the millions of carefully curated venues or points of interest within the Skyhook database.

What is the Approach to Privacy?

Skyhook does not collect personally identifiable information from individuals (e.g., we do not collect personal information like names, addresses, social security numbers, e-mail addresses). At all times, Skyhook respects platform-level controls and restrictions, so that if a user disables targeted advertising through controls offered by the application and/or through the iOS or Android “Limit Ad Tracking” or “Opt out of interest-based advertising” settings, Skyhook will abide fully by those location services privacy settings. To learn more about Skyhook’s privacy policy, read here.

Bottom Line

The questions surrounding location intelligence are valid and important to consider. Now, we challenge you to put Skyhook to the test and fill out this score card to weigh and score critical features.

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