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Jun 10, 2021 1:15:02 PM

Location Matters in Managing Fraud, Compliance, Safety, and Security 

Posted by Isolde Decker-Lucke

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Location software can help ensure that devices and software are in compliance with local regulations and content restrictions for where they are being used throughout the world. Accurate location technology also allows companies to monitor the safety and security of personnel in any environment by adding location capabilities on even the smallest, hardware-constrained devices.

Risk Management
Integrating a reliable, accurate, and precise location software can serve as the backbone of a trusted cyber-risk management/mitigation, geolocation compliance, or security product offering. The geo-location services and capabilities can be used to enhance a preexisting or newly created service, assisting with a range of potential risk scenarios. 
Remote Employee Management and Protection of Company Assets
Location software allows IT managers to set permissions for software and features on company devices like laptops and mobile phones based on where they are being operated throughout the world. In addition to protecting corporate information and ensuring the remote employee has received their device, location can be used to help set and manage credentials on-demand, and tailor location-based features to users. Businesses can use Skyhook SDKs and APIs to resolve a certified location, which uses and compares various location methods such as the use of IP addresses, Wi-Fi and Cellular signals, in order to provide an overall location score that helps to verify the correct location. This score is then resolved by the application based on a pre-set location threshold, ensuring devices are appropriately distributed and received. 
Gaming Software 
Skyhook’s Precision Location is trusted by gaming software companies to validate accurate and precise device location to comply with varying local laws and regulations. The incorporation of location-based features can improve the user experience and ensure the gaming software is remaining compliant with local rules, regulations and content requirements. Location positioning can also enforce content restrictions, such as the areas in which this program can be viewed in.
Safety of Personnel 
Location positioning can help to protect the safety of employees and personnel through its incorporation into asset tracking and wearable devices on work sites. For example, items like wearable body cameras with embedded location technology can help protect first responders in the field by relaying their locations in emergency or dangerous situations.
Mobile Device Management and Security
There is an increasing demand for services and digitization alongside increasing investments in R&D activities for the development of advanced IoT systems. Location, when incorporated into mobile device management and security applications, can address the need for real-time analytics and diagnostics, connected assets, machine security, device authentication, configuration, control, and software updates/maintenance. Through the centralization of the location provider to a single, reliable, and accurate source that’s used for a broad family of devices across an entire ecosystem, companies can access complete visibility, control, and permissions of devices from anywhere in the world. This allows for management of devices and remote control of functionality and administrative access permissions.  Location verification in online transactions or banking can help prevent inappropriate access of accounts or attempted fraud.
Location Software is a Key Part of a Security Solution
There are a number of factors driving an increase in the need for verified location technology, including an increase in security regulations in developing economies as well as an increase in the number of malware and phishing attacks on devices and enterprises. As a result of the ever-increasing risks and compliance needs, the global fraud detection and prevention market size is expected to grow, with growth largely attributed to growing digitization, the need to minimizing revenue lost caused by fraud, alongside the growth and integration of AI and machine learning. Integrating location software within these solutions can be an important differentiator to a customer, especially for a business looking to protect and manage assets on either a global or national level.
With Skyhook, companies can centralize the location provider to a single, reliable, and accurate source that’s used for a broad family of devices across an entire ecosystem. Through customizable integration options, Skyhook allows devices to automatically backup data to the nearest available data center, using Skyhook location as a basis for proximity calculations.
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