Jul 24, 2019

How Airlines Are Increasing Market Share Using Location Intelligence

The airline industry r epresents a critical economic engine - according to the trade group Airlines for America , the U.S. airline industry alone helps drive $1.5 trillion in economic activity and creates more than 10 million jobs . Yet d espite the current robust worldwide economy, the global commercial airline industry is facing difficult times, with net profits dropping from $37.6B in 2017 to $30B in 2018 . The commercial aviation market is fiercely competitive and costs for both airlines and consumers are rising. PwC suggests that airlines should prepare for a challenging future, with the emergence of new competitors and the prospect of further digital disruption continuing to impact the airline industry.
Jul 15, 2019

Skyhook Announces Geospatial Insights for Airlines

Skyhook is excited to announce a new offering, Geospatial Insights for Airlines. Geospatial Insights for Airlines is a location intelligence solution built specifically for the commercial airline industry. 

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