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Dec 23, 2019 11:30:00 AM

The Top Retail Events and  Conferences to Attend in 2020

Posted by Melissa Burke

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Retail and e-commerce conferences and trade shows are great places for retailers to make connections, gain insights into industry trends, and discover new strategies to prepare themselves for the future. 
If you're looking to stay on top of retail trends, technology, and movements within the industry - check out this list of some of the best retail events you can't miss in 2020. 

NRF: Retail’s Big Show 2020

Date: January 12th - 14th, 2020
Location: New York City, New York
Speakers: Amazon, BirchBox, Target, Wegmans, and more! 
Why attend: Located in the Big Apple, NRF: Retail’s Big Show is one of the largest retail conferences of the year. It’s a marketplace for ideas and relationships, a chance to forge new partnerships, try out best-in-class experiences, and learn from some of the biggest players transforming retail today with 38,000 attendees. This year’s topics are focused on visionary processes, purpose, partnerships, experiences, models, and talent. 
Register for NRF: Retail’s Big Show here.

Future of Retail 2020 Conference 

Date: January 15th, 2020 
Location: New York City, New York 
Speakers: Hunker,, Museum of Ice Cream, Sunkist, and more! 
Why attend: This half-day conference next to the High Line in New York City showcases how a mix of data, delivery logistics, and connected technology are powering and providing exceptional service. Future of Retail provides the opportunity to gain insights from start-ups and leading corporations from close-knit networking sessions and speakers. The topics this year focus on driving successful customer journeys and customer e-commerce. 
Register for Future of Retail 2020 Conference here. 

eTail West

Date: February 24th- 27th, 2020
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Speakers: Bombas, Gap, Lenovo, Overstock, Wish, Zappos, and more! 
Why attend: eTail West brings together top minds from successful retailers to plan retail strategies for growth in 2020 and beyond. Attend and hear from hundreds of speakers to gain valuable insights and strategic takeaways. This year’s topics include SEO optimization, innovation and designing in e-commerce, customer loyalty and engagement, driving data insights with AI, and determining who the next generation of customers will be
Register for eTail West here.

DX3 Canada 

Date: March 10th - 11th, 2020
Location: Toronto, Canada 
Speakers: To be announced! 
Why attend: Between the thought leadership speaker sessions, tech talks, work shops, exhibitions on the show floor, and even live concerts- DX3 is a must-attend conference in 2020. It is perfect for start ups or large corporations seeking to network with thousands of marketing, brands, retail, or tech professionals. This years topics are focused on innovation, analytics, embracing the digital market, connected consumers, and utilizing the latest retail technology. 
Register for DX3 Canada here.


Date: March 22nd- 25th, 2020
Location: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Speakers: American Eagle, Billabong, BestBuy, DSW, Eataly, Facebook and more! 
Why attend:  ShopTalk is where the entire retail ecosystem comes together to create the future of retail based on the latest trends, technologies and business models. Attendees learn in both small and large groups, including sessions, roundtables, dinners, and one-on-one meetings. Some of the topics covered at this three day conference are emerging technology, the newest innovations in marketing, creating strategic partnerships, leadership and more. 
Register for ShopTalk here.

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Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit & Connect: The Mobile CX Summit

Date: June 3rd-5th, 2020 
Location: Columbus, Ohio 
Speakers: Hilton Grand Vacations, IHOP, Mall of America, TGI Fridays and more! 
Why attend: The ICX Summit and the Connect: The Mobile CX Summit are co-located to give brands one place where they can discover a full range of technologies and strategies to create engaging and meaningful customer experiences. There is the opportunity to learn from the leading CX innovators about what’s working, what’s not, and how to elevate the experience for customers. This exclusive event is for B2C businesses who are interested in utilizing interactive technologies to enhance the customer experience.
Register for ICX Summit and Connect: The Mobile CX Summit here.

Retail X 

Date: June 9th - 11th, 2020 
Location: Chicago, Illinois  
Speakers: J.J Keller & Associates Inc., Trinity Insights, Ventura Web Design, and more to be announced! 
Why attend: With 15,000 industry professionals and 3,500 online and offline retailers, Retail X provides several opportunities for attendees. This conference prepares businesses to optimize and transform their retail landscape by connecting and discovering physical and digital solutions to create an extraordinary experience for customers. This year's topics include retail technology, optimization, design, and more!
Register for Retail X here.

Future Stores

Date: June 16th - 18th, 2020
Location: Seattle, WA
Speakers: Cole Haan, Tuft and Needle, and more to come! 
Why attend: Future Stores focuses on improving in-store experience and prepares senior retail executives in operations, marketing, digital, and technology to lead their companies into the future of retail. The topics this year range from reinventing retail operations to bridging the online and offline experience. 
Register for Future Stores here.

Mobile Connect 

Date: June 22nd - 24th, 2020 
Location: San Diego, CA 
Speakers: City National Bank, Curology, Gas Buddy, HP,, and more!    
Why attend: Mobile Connect is an excellent conference to attend if individuals are seeking to customize their own program and experience. This conference allows for different learning styles by having one-on-one networking sessions, intimate round table discussions, keynote presentations and consultative meetings. The 2020 topics include increasing customer loyalty and retention rates, personalizing user experience, and curating impactful content. As this conference is exclusive and invite only, be sure to request an invite. 
Find out more here.


Date: July 12th - 14th, 2020
Location: Southern California 
Speakers: Amazon Pay, Facebook, Gap, IBM, Salesforce, Walmart, and more! 
Why attend: A sister show to NRF: Retail’s Big Show, NRFtech focuses on leveraging technology to drive innovation. NRFtech is a two and a half day event that offers retail CIOs, CDOs and senior IT executives a unique opportunity to discover and explore the latest retail technology while networking with peers in the industry. NRFtech aims to extend the conversation to all organizational areas responsible for technologies that impact consumers. Some of the topics include, analytics, AI, machine learning, innovations in in-store technology, next generation payment technologies, culture and workforce issues, and the modern retail organization. 
Register for NRFtech here.


Conferences are a great place to network and learn about trends, new technology, and how to best serve and connect with customers. Foot traffic analysis based on location intelligence helps retailers with site selection, track store health, understand if their sales and marketing campaigns are successful, and gain insights into consumer behavior and demographics. This knowledge combined with conference learnings will set retailers up for success.

Want to stay ahead of the game? Don't miss these 2020 retail events and conferences! 

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