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Jan 2, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Skyhook's Top Blogs of 2018

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It has been a busy year at Skyhook. We’ve covered topics on our blog spanning from IoT, to Location Intelligence to geofencing and many more. Here’s a look back at our most popular blogs of the year:

Building Your Own Geofences: Geofencing Yourself vs Using a Third Party

geofences2It’s important to know how much professional handling you’ll need in order to make your geofencing campaign a reality. This blog focuses on the three things to consider before building your own geofences. Read more »

9 Top Internet of Things Events to Attend in 2019

internetofthings-1Previously top IoT events in 2018, this blog lists our favorite IoT events to learn new technologies, trending topics and more. If you’re passionate IoT, you don’t want to miss these must-attend events. Read more »

20 Stats That Show The Massive Opportunities In The Internet of Things

iot_header_darkblankAnother popular IoT blog, this listicle highlights 20 statistics and predictions around the enormous growth of the Internet of Things. Learn about devices, connectivity, industrial IoT, logistics and healthcare. Read more »


The Difference Between Accuracy and Precision and Why You Need To Know

header_worldWhen it comes to location, it is not enough to have just precision or just accuracy. This post discusses the difference between accurate and precise location and explains why both are important. Read more »

What is an SDK and an API?

apps_headerHaving an SDK in your app is a fundamental aspect of providing a good user experience. In this blog, we break down the difference between an SDK and an API and how they serve different purposes. Read more »

The Nuts and Bolts of Location Intelligence

location-2-2From improving mobile advertising efficiency to providing robust market analytics, we've seen location data transform marketing and business development. We put together a starter guide about location intelligence to help you decide if it might be right for your organization. Read more »

Super Bowl LII Attendees: Who They Are, Where They Came From and Went After The Game

skyhook-superbowlheader-1We analyzed the foot traffic at and around the U.S Bank Stadium during Super Bowl LII to get an idea of fan personas. Check out our findings in the blog. Read more »  

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