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Nov 16, 2009 3:00:00 PM

Skyhook Wireless Releases Maps Booster for Ovi

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Symbian App Fixes Slow and Imprecise Location on Nokia Phones

BOSTON, MA - November 16, 2009 - Skyhook Wireless®, operator of the world's most advanced location system, today released Maps Booster in the Ovi Store. This app will dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of location results on any S60 Nokia handset.

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Nokia device owners regularly complain about terrible GPS performance in comparison to other leading smartphones like the iPhone. Nokia Maps often takes up to a full 60 seconds to pinpoint location, while Maps on the iPhone loads location almost instantly. And when Nokia devices finally do determine location, the results can often be very inaccurate. With poor location results people can get lost, miss opportunities to meet up with friends, or get frustrated and give up on local searches.  

Maps Booster resolves this common frustration by replacing Nokia's location platform with Skyhook Wireless' location software. This superior location system quickly feeds quality location data to Nokia Maps and all other applications that use location like I Parked Here, Google Maps, or Lifecasting with Ovi.

"With such high price tags, we think all features of Nokia smartphones should work perfectly," said Kate Imbach, director of marketing and developer programs at Skyhook Wireless.  "Maps Booster, finally, will make the location on any Nokia S60 device work just as well as location on the iPhone."

Maps Booster is now available for all S60 handsets in Nokia's Ovi Store for $2.99. More information about Maps Booster can be found at