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Aug 3, 2009 2:00:00 AM

Skyhook Releases Whitepaper: Developer's Guide to In-App Advertising

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Includes analysis of the mobile advertising market and a survey of developer attitudes towards advertising

BOSTON, MA - August 3, 2009 - Skyhook Wireless®, operator of the world's most advanced location system, today released a white paper titled "Developer's Guide to In-Application Advertising: How developers today can make money off apps." The white paper provides an overview of the ideal monetization strategies for app developers, how the mobile advertising industry is structured, and application marketing strategies.

Mobile advertising is an emerging market, and developers are still experimenting with ads and monetization strategies. "The mobile ad industry is crowded and it is difficult for new developers to understand how to get started monetizing their apps," said Kate Imbach, director of marketing and developer programs at Skyhook Wireless. "This white paper will help developers understand the current state of the market and how to make money from it."

To accompany the white paper, Skyhook conducted a survey of developers on their current perception of the mobile monetization market. The survey revealed that user experience is most important to developers when serving ads. CPM and fill rates are the least important. Many developers are more interested in how their app performs today rather than in earning a few additional cents of near-term revenue.

But all developers remain bullish about the potential for mobile advertising and are willing to patiently experiment as the true revenue opportunities emerge.  Some of those future opportunities include better targeting with 54% of developers surveyed saying that they are anxious to see better targeting of ads, particularly those based on location.

The full report is available today for free at