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Sep 15, 2009 5:38:00 PM

Skyhook Wireless Partners with

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Wi-Fi Hotspot Locator App Uses Skyhook for Improved Location

BOSTON, MA - September 15, 2009 - Skyhook Wireless®, provider of the patented Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) and the hybrid positioning system XPS, today announced a partnership with, a Wi-Fi hotspot locator service with applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile smartphones.

The Android 'FreeboxWifi Connect' application automatically detects and connects to open Wi-Fi access points from French ISP Free S.A. In France, Free S.A. has created a network of accessible Wi-Fi hotspots named "FreeWifi" using the ADSL boxes located in clients' homes.

The application features a heat map of where users have been able to connect to FreeWifi and the strength of the signal. Users can also run the application in "mapping mode" which reports locations where devices successfully found a FreeWifi hotspot.

"Thanks to Skyhook's Android SDK, our Android application is now able to position the phone as well as iPhones, even in the heart of cities where the phone's GPS was failing to provide positions altogether. Additionally, I have been very impressed by Skyhook's positioning accuracy which has been up to par with our demanding requirements," said Philippe Girolami, owner and developer.

"This app is an example of a simple LBS app that requires exact positioning in order to function," said Kate Imbach, director of marketing at Skyhook Wireless.  "Applications like FreeboxWifi Connect depend completely on accurate and reliable location data." applications can be downloaded free today on the Apple Appstore, Android Marketplace and Archos Applib; a beta Windows Mobile is available on the website.  Find out more information about the developer and the apps at