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Feb 3, 2009 6:10:00 PM

Skyhook Wireless Location Improves Dutch Android Applications

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Skyhook Wireless Location Improves Dutch Android Applications

BOSTON, MA - February 3, 2009 - Skyhook Wireless, the provider of the patented Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) and hybrid location system (XPS), today announced partnerships with Dutch Android applications including Twitli and Mileage Registration. The Android Marketplace was released in the Netherlands on January 30th, and local developers have already turned to Skyhook Wireless to improve location performance.  

Twitli is a Twitter client that translates tweets from around the world so that users can follow Twitterers in any language. "Twitli ties together people from across the world, and showing the user location in real time is one of the most compelling features of the application," said Christine Karman, developer of Twitli, based in Amsterdam. "The Android platform provides GPS and other ways to determine location, but Skyhook does it faster, and it spares your battery. That is why we chose to use Skyhook in Twitli."

Skyhook Wireless provides developers with location results that are faster, more accurate, and more reliable than those delivered by the standard Android location platform.  Skyhook's Android SDK provides developers with access to a massive coverage database of over 80 million Wi-Fi access points and cell tower locations, GPS data, patented algorithms, and even simpler deployment methodologies than provided by the standard Android platform.

Fresh Solutions, the Rotterdam-based developer of the Mileage Registration Android application, has also integrated location from Skyhook Wireless. "We don't want our users waiting for a location result, or getting confused by inaccurate location, so we chose to integrate Skyhook to resolve the problems with Android location" said Andy Kalbvleesch, developer of Mileage Registration. "Skyhook Wireless has the best location system system available to developers today."

Developers can license the Skyhook SDK on a per unit/user basis. Ad revenue share models are also available in conjunction with Skyhook's advertising partners. The Skyhook SDK supports Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Maemo, Symbian S60 & UIQ, Windows CE, Windows Mobile 5.x & 6.x, Windows Pocket PC, Windows Smartphone, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.