Blog skyhook logo Skyhook and Unwired Announce Cooperation to Provide Integrated Location Services

Oct 20, 2020 10:32:03 AM

Skyhook and Unwired Announce Cooperation to Provide Integrated Location Services

Posted by Isolde Decker-Lucke

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Skyhook Wireless, Inc. (“Skyhook”), the pioneer in the development of Wi-Fi positioning technology, and Unwired Labs Pvt Ltd (“Unwired”), a leading provider of location, mapping and geocoding services, today are announcing that they have entered into a Strategic Collaboration Agreement. Pursuant to the Agreement, Unwired, with limited exceptions, will no longer sell or offer its own Wi-Fi positioning services. Instead, Unwired will become a reseller and collaborative partner to provide future customers with access to Skyhook’s best-in-class Wi-Fi positioning services through the Unwired LocationAPI platform. In addition, Skyhook and Unwired will work together to develop joint offerings and opportunities to address customer needs for precise positioning alongside high quality mapping and geocoding.

“We are excited to work with Unwired to serve as their Wi-Fi positioning partner,” said Craig Waggy, CEO of Skyhook. “Our collaboration will allow future Unwired customers access to Skyhook’s positioning service, powered by a reference database of the geolocations of over 5 billion access points while also growing Skyhook’s partner portfolio in the quest to provide a highly integrated suite of precision location services that include mapping and geocoding.”

Gopi Aravind, CEO of Unwired stated: “With this collaboration, Unwired can now offer our customers a best-of-breed location services platform, incorporating our proprietary mapping, cell tower location and geocoding services with Skyhook’s high-accuracy Wi-Fi positioning solution. We look forward to working with Skyhook to offer this integrated solution to our customers and ultimately to making this a successful collaboration in the years to come.”

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