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Feb 22, 2021 10:07:43 AM

Skyhook to Provide E-911 and Location Positioning for Coolpad Americas' Upcoming Mobile Phone Product

Posted by Isolde Decker-Lucke

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Skyhook Wireless, Inc. (“Skyhook”), the leading independent provider of mobile location technology, announced today that it is working closely with Coolpad, a top consumer electronics company, to bring hybrid location services and emergency positioning software to Coolpad’s upcoming feature phone product.

Since 2012 Coolpad’s product portfolio has proven very poplar in the United States, and their expansion into the Latin American market in late October 2020 was a great success. Coolpad will be utilizing Skyhook’s location services through an integrated solution that Skyhook has developed with Qualcomm, which has been pre-tested and validated on the chipset.

Skyhook Wi-Fi positioning technology takes advantage of proprietary low-power Wi-Fi positioning techniques to bring location-assistance services to Coolpad products, as well as coordinate-level positioning. Skyhook’s Emergency Positioning Software (EPS) will also be utilized by Coolpad. This software helps service carriers locate devices on their networks when an emergency call is placed. Accurate positioning is a critical piece of providing first responders with the ability to locate a device user in the event of an emergency. This capability is a federally mandated requirement that network operators must meet in the United States and across Europe.

“Coolpad has been focused on bringing people together again through technology and providing solutions for everyone in your family. Keeping family safe is certainly top priority for everyone,” said Michael Chuang, CEO Coolpad. “With Skyhook’s Wi-Fi positioning technology, we will be able to provide accurate location-assistance services and emergency positioning in our feature phones. We are pleased Skyhook is joining the Coolpad ecosystem to provide this safety net.”

“We are excited to work with Coolpad to provide location services within the feature phone industry,” said Craig Waggy, CEO Skyhook. “Skyhook has powered network-based location services for leading mobile platforms and devices around the world for many years. Our work with Coolpad will help their devices meet emergency requirements and gain precise and accurate location. We look forward to working with Coolpad on future products and innovations.”

As the inventor of the modern-day standard for mobile device positioning and hybrid location, Skyhook is uniquely positioned to provide accurate location with flexible integration options. With a global collection of more than 5 billion Wi-Fi access points, over 200 million cell towers, and a partner network of leading hardware companies, Skyhook offers a one-stop solution for original equipment manufacturers, hardware suppliers, and operating system developers seeking an independent location provider for their products.

About Coolpad:

Coolpad Americas is a leading consumer electronics company that has built strategic partnerships with key wireless carriers and retailers. Headquartered in Irvine, California and operating in the U.S. market since 2012, Coolpad has embarked on a bold mission to become the number one provider of family technology. Coolpad develops world-class consumer electronics that are inspired by innovation, purpose, and family. To learn more about Coolpad, please visit

About Skyhook

Skyhook is the worldwide independent leader in location technology, operating the world's largest independent location network, consisting of over 5 billion geolocated Wi-Fi hotspots, and over 200 million cell towers. Skyhook's Precision Location product utilizes robust hybrid positioning technology to ensure accurate and precise location in various environments worldwide for connected devices, applications, wearables, and more. Skyhook, through its parent company Skyhook Holding, Inc., operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Broadband Corporation. To learn more visit

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