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Aug 24, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Skyhook Personas Available through LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store

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Location-based advertising continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of mobile advertising, fueled by surging demand from brands and publishers to build a real connection with their audiences.

Marketers know that targeting and personalization are even more powerful when fueled by comprehensive behavioral insights about their audiences. Utilizing a people-based marketing approach and understanding who they are engaging, wherever their customers are, allows marketers to deliver relevant experiences that meet consumers’ high expectations for brand interactions.

Reflecting this trend, the BIA/Kelsey Industry Watch report predicts that location-targeted mobile ad spend will exceed $32 billion in 2021. All too often, however, critical segments of data exist in silos, making it tough for marketers to realize their full potential.

That’s why LiveRamp is excited to partner with Skyhook to overcome this obstacle. Now brands can combine Skyhook’s powerful and accurate location insights with LiveRamp’s identity resolution capabilities. This partnership will provide a winning formula for location-based mobile advertising: targeting capabilities that are omnichannel, people-based, and cross-device.

Skyhook recognizes the importance of location and the impact it can have on improving mobile advertising. David Bairstow, VP Product Management at Skyhook, explained that by offering their product Skyhook Personas to LiveRamp customers will enable them to understand consumer actions such as purchasing patterns, brand affinity, loyalty behaviors, and more.

Buyers of the Skyhook Personas product within the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store feature will also reap the benefits of the precision and accuracy of their audiences coupled with their custom segment capabilities.

If you’d like to have custom segments created for your next campaign, please contact LiveRamp or Skyhook directly.