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Skyhook is excited to announce a new offering, Geospatial Insights for Airlines. Geospatial Insights for Airlines is a location intelligence solution built specifically for the commercial airline industry. 
Geospatial Insights for Airlines provides deep insights into the behaviors, travel patterns and airline preferences of millions of anonymized passengers. Airlines can see a 360 degree view of its loyal fliers and the actions and interests of those passengers when they are not engaging with their airline. This provides insights into competitor market share and enables airlines to answer questions like: 
  • What portion of consumers total flight spend do I capture
  • Where am I losing market share and why?
  • What other airlines do my loyal fliers fly with most?
Skyhook’s robust solution is derived from our massive pool of mobile location data mapped against high quality airport venue infrastructures. Skyhook monitors over 175 airports in the U.S., has identified millions of fliers and has matched over 28,000 flights per day to physical movement. Fliers are associated with the specific flight, which yields airline flown, origin and destination. With these incredibly granular insights, airlines can better understand competitive market dynamics, improve marketing and logistics and ultimately gain more market share

The Flight Portal

Skyhook built a flight portal with aggregate views across the top 175 U.S. airports. The portal includes market-by-market identification of competitor market share, city-pair visualizations and flexible query capabilities. 
Discover more ways to leverage Geospatial Insights for Airlines on our website page

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