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Feb 25, 2019 2:26:43 PM

Skyhook Announces Collaboration with Qualcomm to Provide Integrated Location Solution Based on Snapdragon Wear Platforms

Posted by Melissa Burke

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Skyhook’s Wi-Fi positioning solution enables higher accuracy and lower power solution for indoor positioning

Boston, MA – Today, Skyhook Wireless, Inc. (“Skyhook”), a pioneer in the development of mobile location technology, announced that it is working closely with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, to bring Wi-Fi positioning and location-assistance services based on Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ platforms. The first target will be the Snapdragon Wear 2500 platform, which is designed to meet the specific needs of the fast growing 4G Kid watch segment.

“Our Snapdragon Wear platforms continue to be broadly adopted in the fast-growing wearables segment,” said Pankaj Kedia, senior director, product marketing, Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. “Consumers are increasingly demanding high accuracy and low power location solutions irrespective of where they are – inside a building, in congested areas, or in open fields. We are pleased that Skyhook is joining the Snapdragon Wear based ecosystem to adapt its location solutions to the wearables segment.”

“We are excited to once again be working with Qualcomm Technologies to deliver Skyhook’s Wi-Fi positioning solution into the wearables arena,” said Craig Waggy, CEO Skyhook. “Over the past 15 years, Skyhook has powered network-based location services for leading mobile platforms and devices around the world. Our work with Qualcomm Technologies will utilize the parties’ respective strengths to augment existing capabilities while helping to define location services for the next generation of wearable and IoT devices. We look forward to working with Qualcomm Technologies to help our joint customers to deliver location determination capabilities that will exceed end-user expectations of speed, accuracy and availability.”

Skyhook WiFi positioning technology, optimized for the Snapdragon Wear 2500 platform, can be seamlessly integrated to take advantage of Skyhook’s proprietary low power WiFi positioning techniques and to meet customers’ unique indoor positioning requirements for wearable devices.

Skyhook believes that working with Qualcomm Technologies has the potential to accelerate the market for location services across a wide spectrum of wearable devices. The combination of Qualcomm Technologies’ ultra-low power Snapdragon Wear platform with integrated GPS, WiFi, and 4G capabilities along with Skyhook’s large and accurate Wi-Fi and cell network footprint will make it possible to enable simple-to-integrate location positioning across a range of wearable devices.

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