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Apr 13, 2017 2:30:00 PM

Event Recap: Inside the VIP Cocktail Hour with Y&R and Skyhook

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Skyhook and Y&R recently hosted a VIP Cocktail event for brand and advertising leaders at Sky Room rooftop lounge in New York City. The night was spent sharing insights and ideas around how location data can influence ad creation not just targeted placements over a few drinks and beautiful views from the roofdeck. Ad industry guests in a wide range of attendance included iHeartMedia, AccuWeather, Havas, RadiumOne, WPP and many more.

Advertising + Location = Great Insights

The highlight of the night was when JJ Schmuckler, Global CMO of Y&R took the stage to talk about how location and advertising tie together to create actionable insights and stories unlike any other. JJ explained, “It’s about 365 days of engagement, you need to understand what’s happening before, during and after [the customer journey].” JJ went on to discuss the importance of leveraging the right kind of data to better understand customers. Location is what JJ thinks yields a much deeper consumer engagement which helps Y&R with with their clients and their stories. 

Mobile vs Mobility: The Difference Is Key

JJ also touched upon the difference between mobile and mobility which is an important pillar at Y&R. JJ noted “Mobile is the asset and the thing, the actual piece of technology. Mobility is a lifestyle, a point of view and how you engage.” It’s all about engaging the customer in the right way to tell the best stories.

Everyone is saying that everything in tech is mobile first, but it’s actually mobility first - that’s the reflection of who the consumer is, what the person is thinking about and their mindset.

Interested in hearing more of JJ Schmuckler's insights? See the brief Y&R presentation here.

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