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Feb 18, 2019 1:42:21 PM

Partner Spotlight: Rivetz Partners with Skyhook to Provide Location

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Skyhook is excited to be partnering with Rivetzan industry pioneer of decentralized, embedded cybersecurity tools, to provide industry-leading location services to The Rivetz Network in all signal environments and regardless of GPS availability. The full announcement about the partnership can be found here

We spoke with Rivetz to discuss the relationship and what drove them to partner with Skyhook. See the full Q&A below:

1. What were the business drivers for teaming up with Skyhook?

Creating high-assurance transactions is the rationale behind The Rivetz Network. Teaming up with Skyhook brings their sophisticated location services to our network, expanding its capabilities – and therefore better serving our users and partners.

2. What kind of competitive edge has this given Rivetz?

Location services and hardware-based endpoint security are two pieces of the puzzle needed to provide a simpler and safer user experience in a decentralized world.

The Rivetz Network helps users manage all the connections to their digital life. Everyone already has to deal with many keys for apps, services, IoT and financial services; that trend is only accelerating. Partnering with Skyhook provides Rivetz customers with a suite of geolocation services that can be used as part of a policy or rule for their keys – for example, the keys to their bank account will work only if the device being used is in or near the user’s home. Or, a user can only access a given service in a defined geography.

3. Which clients are or will be benefiting from Skyhook’s location data?

Our partners and customers have expressed great interest in location-based technology. We have already seen interest in markets such as media & entertainment, online gaming, and financial services. Identity & access management, transaction assurance and ecommerce are other great examples of use cases for use of Skyhook with Rivetz.

4. How do your clients benefit from accurate location data?

If location data is to be used to help protect keys, Rivetz’s partners and clients must be able to trust that it is reliably accurate. Once they can trust that, they have the flexibility they need to develop innovative cybersecurity policies on a decentralized network

5. Is this a global or U.S.-only initiative?

Rivetz’s partners and customers are all over the world.

6. Why Skyhook?

Skyhook is the pioneer in location-based technology; we’re honored to be their partner.

7. What does the future hold for Rivetz and Skyhook?

While our partnership is in the early stages, there is a lot of enthusiasm for our continued collaboration and between our technology teams.

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