Blog skyhook logo Olulo Uses Skyhook’s Precision Location System in Kickgoing Scooter Share Program

May 20, 2021 2:04:01 PM

Olulo Uses Skyhook’s Precision Location System in Kickgoing Scooter Share Program

Posted by Isolde Decker-Lucke

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Olulo, an app-based electric kick-scooter sharing platform operating in select Korean locations, is using Skyhook, the worldwide independent leader in location technology, as its location provider for device positioning. Olulo integrates Skyhook’s Precision Location solution through the Application Programming Interface (API) in their Kickgoing Scooter Share Platform. 
Olulo users locate an available kick electric scooter within their vicinity and can activate and use the scooter by scanning a QR code for on-demand rentals. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices, and Skyhook will be assisting with the location aspect of the app and platform.  
Olulo uses Skyhook’s Precision Location API to connect with Skyhook servers to generate location results and make location available to end customers. Skyhook’s location determination service uses a device-based Hybrid Positioning Algorithm, which uses the best combination of Wi-Fi signals, cellular radios, IP address, and available GPS signals to precisely calculate the Kickgoing scooter location.
The transportation industry is evolving, and advancements in the micro-mobility space made by companies like Olulo are making it easier for people to get around, especially in areas with busy traffic and high population numbers. Micro-mobility devices are a popular choice for transportation, with the kick scooter sharing category predicted to exhibit the highest growth rate in the market. Micromobility faces its own set of unique challenges, with the size of the device making it vulnerable to theft or loss, and highlighting the need for accurate location that can function in areas where traditional GPS might suffer like garages, vestibules, and tight alleys. A precise positioning system that can locate devices anywhere – indoors, outdoors, in an urban canyon or low detection area like a dense city - provides benefits that will affect company growth, long-term success, vehicle lifetime, and improve return on investment by decreasing lost products. Skyhook’s Precision Location allows Olulo to be confident in the location they are providing their customers. 
The micro-mobility industry highlights the need for precise and accurate location to ensure customers have the best experience possible while utilizing shared vehicles. Skyhook is excited to enter the micro-mobility sphere alongside an emerging company like Olulo.
The companies look forward to working together on the Kickgoing Scooter Share Program with the possibility of extending their partnership in the future.