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Jul 11, 2017 11:00:00 AM

My.Sky Walkthrough: Introduction (Part 1 of 4)

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My.Skyhook is Skyhook’s self-service customer portal that allows developers, customers and prospects to explore Skyhook’s product suite, create and manage projects for Skyhook's products, search and review documentation and receive technical support. In this tutorial, we cover signing in, the project page, resource page, downloads page and support page. 

To create an account follow this link

Signing In:

Since My.Skyhook is designed for a wide audience, we offer multiple ways to sign-up for an account and get started.

We offer a standard email sign-up, pictured left.  

In addition, developers who want to test and tinker with our technology have the ability for quick sign-up using a GitHub account. 

For project managers and other professionals who are interested in exploring ways to tap into new revenue streams or explore ways to further enrich the features of their products or devices we offer the ability to sign-up via LinkedIn. 

Regardless of which method you chose, registering is quick and easy. Once you have signed into My.Skyhook you will be greeted with the Project Homepage.

Project Homepage


The project homepage is where you can find all of your projects along with some sample projects that you can view to get an idea of what an active project looks like. The project page also allows you to create new projects for Skyhook’s Context, Precision Location and Hyperlocal IP. For each project created you have the ability to quickly access its API key with the option of copying it, downloading it as a text file or sending it as a text (SMS) message.

Not sure which project you need? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read documentation for our different products or start a new project. Documentation includes detailed product quick start guides across our supported platforms, FAQs and tutorials. Use the search tool at the top of the page to quickly search through all of our resources to find what you need.

At the upper right header of the page you will also see some links to access Skyhook’s Resources, Downloads, Support and a bell icon which provides important user notifications.

Resources Page

Our resources page provides links to documentation (the same as the bottom of the project homepage) and additionally provides quick links to our most popular guides and tutorials. If you know what type of project you would like to start, you can also create one from this page as well.

Downloads Page

Our downloads page houses the latest versions of all of our SDKs for both Context and Precision Location, along with our Context Demo app for Android (APK) and a Context Demo App Venue List. Outside of downloadable content, our downloads page also links to Skyhook’s documentation, knowledge base and tutorials.

Support Page

The support page allows users to contact Skyhook directly to solve any questions or problems troubleshooting. The support page also provides more quick links to helpful resources in our knowledge base, documentation and online tutorials. All ticket history and correspondence is tracked here on the support page.

This concludes our first My.Sky tutorial. Stay tuned for Part Two and subscribe to our blog!  

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