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Jul 26, 2017 1:05:00 PM

My.Sky Walkthrough: Creating a New Campaign (Part 3 of 4)

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In a previous blog post we discussed creating projects for Precision Location, Hyperlocal IP and Context. In order to setup and monitor geofences, you will need to create a new campaign. Each Context project allows you to create as many campaigns as you want that can span to any daily timespan that suits your needs.

Creating a Campaign

To start a new campaign select the orange “+ Create Campaign” button, within a Context project page. This button will bring you to a menu where you can name and schedule your campaign. In this step, you can name the campaign and pick the duration. 


Filter by Location 

The next step to creating a campaign is to create a location filter. The location filter allows you to fine tune what area(s) you would like to monitor for your campaign. These filters start at a nationwide level and can be further refined to a state or territory level. There is also the option to create a “custom geofilter”.

Custom geofilters give you the ability, using a rectangular tool, to create a polygonal area in which to focus your campaign. This is helpful if you want to select a smaller region such as a city or neighborhood. Polygons can be stacked to create the customized polygonal area you would like.

Each Custom geofilter can be named for easy identification. 

Adding VenuesCreateGeofilter.png

Once you have selected you geofilter(s) you can move on to selecting your venues within that region. There are three different ways to select venues: Browse Categories and Venues, Keyword Search and Independent Venue Search.

Browse Categories and Venues

Skyhook builds out its venue database from multiple sources which are then finely curated by our GeoTeam. These venues are placed into categories similar to Google Adwords. Browsing by category is best utilized when you want to select from within an entire taxonomy of venues. For example if you want to choose one or more major coffee chains within Boston you can browse “Food & Drinks > Non-alcoholic Beverages > Coffee & Tea”.

Keyword Search

If you don’t know the category but know a keyword within the name of the venues you would like to select, try our Keyword Search. This allows you to enter a string of characters within the name of the venue(s) you would like to select and optionally filter them by category.

Independent Venue Search

If you are looking for specifically located venues you will want to use Independent Venues Search. This tool allows you to enter a keyword within the venue’s name and a portion of its address, such as the city, state or postal address and independently select which venues you want to monitor within your campaign.

Campaign Review

Once you have selected and saved the venues for your campaign you will be brought to the 'Edit Campaign Page' where you can review and make changes to your campaign. It is important to note that venues can be added in what we call “venue sets”. Venue sets allow you to separate different selections of venues within the same campaign. Saving changes here is the final step to completing your first campaign.

This concludes the third part of our My.Sky self service customer portal. Stay tuned for our final post coming soon and subscribe to the blog. 

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