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Oct 30, 2014 11:50:00 AM

Monetize Your App, Deliver Dynamic UX with Skyhook Context

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With the launch of Skyhook Context last month, we illustrate in our new video how apps can now deliver a more dynamic experience to their users while providing their advertisers better targeting opportunities. 

Have you ever wondered what your user's footprints can do for your application? At Skyhook, we’ve discovered that these anonymous footprints spark vital user experiences, greater engagement, and more revenue for publishers and appsSkyhook takes a user's mobile behavior, combined with demographic information to understand a user on a more personal level. As users move through millions of mapped venues, we assign them actionable and anonymous Personas

For example, footprints that appear frequently in airports and hotels during weekdays, belong to Business Travellers. If they visit a favorite barista every morning, that’s a Coffee Lover. Knowing your users and quantifying their behavior means you can seize the opportunity to deliver dynamic experiences. It means you can monetize your app by giving your advertisers better targeting, and your users better content. Above all, Skyhook lets your app harness the full potential of location with the power of context.

You can create an infinite number of geofences, individually, by brand or by venue category that maps to Google Adwords and IAB taxonomies. You can use this to create dynamic user experiences. For example, a retail app could let your user do more than just shop online with an "in-store" mode. Once the user enters the venue, you can make the app become their shopping list, their loyalty card, or a guide to find products they like on sale. 

That’s the power of Skyhook Context. It lives on both the device and the server, so you have the data and the insight to deliver personalized experiences in real time. The possibilities are endless. The reach is global. The scale of the network is monumental. The worldwide leader in location now brings you the power of Context in a lightweight package:

The Context SDK from Skyhook Wireless - test today.new_personas_streetscene