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Oct 18, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Webinar: Where Are My Assets? Location for IoT with IBM's Watson

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The advancements in Internet of Things have changed the game for asset tracking.  Previously, larger assets like delivery trucks and airplanes have been easily tracked using Assisted Global Navigational Satellite System (A-GNSS) technology, but what about smaller “things” like the packages within those delivery trucks?  

Skyhook and IBM Watson have joined forces to show that now it’s possible to not only track and monitor the location of smaller assets, but to get the bird’s eye view of a fleet of devices by collecting and analyzing embedded sensor data.

iot_back_branded.pngIn our latest webinar titled “Where’s my Asset?” we address issues specific to small, high-value and time-sensitive assets for which on-time delivery are critical.

Tracking smaller assets presents special challenges that can’t always be addressed by GPS alone. Issues that need to be taken into account include:

  • Battery impact - data transmission and calculation processes must be optimized for prolonged battery life.
  • Form factor - small devices need miniature components and lightweight code.
  • Ubiquity - visibility to the device’s movements and location must be available in all environments, including indoors and in dense urban areas.


For certain assets, additional data like humidity, temperature, traffic and weather can factor into the equation - making it critical to be able to obtain and analyze data from multiple sources.


The IBM/Skyhook Webinar “Where’s My Asset?” took place on Thursday November 3 where IBM’s Dave Locke, IoT Ecosystem and Partner Program Management, and Skyhook’s VP of Product, David Bairstow, presented their unique insights into IoT, location and asset management.

Sign up to view the Webinar here.  We hope to hear your thoughts and questions!