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Feb 7, 2022 10:10:15 AM

How to Choose LPWAN Technology

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Low power wide-area networks, commonly referred to as LPWAN, are a highly efficient way to transmit bits of data over long distances at a low cost.

What are the benefits of LPWAN?

LPWAN connected devices are a strong option for small connected devices that only need to transmit and receive small amounts of data. Instead of maintaining a constant connection, LPWAN devices connect quickly and transmit data at that point in time. This helps the network to remain low power and able to cover a wide area.

Examples of LPWAN

Some examples of LPWAN include the asset tag affixed to a cooler delivering perishable goods, monitoring worker safety,  and sensors monitoring garbage collection in cities. For most loT use cases, the location of a given device is a critical element that must be calculated accurately and transmitted efficiently. With its power, bandwidth and cost constraints, LPWAN presents unique location challenges. Before choosing a LPWAN technology, companies should make sure to fully understand their set of requirements for performance.

Choosing a LPWAN Technology

Each LPWAN technology has unique advantages and drawbacks. Developers and businesses should choose their carriage technology based on several factors. here are some questions to consider.

  1. Will the location method work with my technology?
  2. What additional hardware and software is needed?
  3. What level of accuracy is required and in which environments?
  4. What impact will the location method have on my device’s battery life and how important is that to my use case?
  5. All-in, how much additional cost will the given location method add to my solution?

If you're interested in LPWAN, check out the link below. In this white paper, we explore the location characteristics and challenges of four leading LPWAN technologies: LoRa, LTE Cat-M1, NB-loT, and Sigfox. It provides a helpful overview of several primary location methods and signal types used across IoT and connected devices.

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