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Connected devices are increasingly prevalent in the modern world, with the total installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices currently projected to reach 21.5 billion units worldwide by 2025.
Location has become an important and expected feature of IoT connected devices. As manufacturers build devices, it is essential to consider how to add location, and the type of location to integrate into the device
Below is an infographic detailing how location works on IoT devices: 
Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 10.47.46 AM

Skyhook’s Precision Location hybrid positioning system locates devices using Wi-Fi, GNSS and Cell signals, ensuring that all devices can be located in all environments. The solution provides the ability to locate devices even when offline, in an extremely power efficient manner - offering integration options suitable for the entire spectrum of connected devices. This system enables Skyhook to provide the most accurate and precise location available.

Still curious? For a more in-depth explanation, download Skyhook’s e-brief detailing how location works on IoT devices 

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