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Mar 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Happy Pi Day from Skyhook!

Posted by Oleg Kamenetsky

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Check out our easy-to-make location recipe for your Raspberry Pi device

Raspberry Pi computers are known for being small, affordable, customizable, and highly functional devices that allow budding developers and professionals alike to explore the world of computing, hone their programming skills, and demonstrate proof-of-concept ideas in the real world. 
These devices are built on an open source platform capable of integrating and interacting with a number of extensions, IoT devices and other electronic components of physical computers to enable an array of functions. 
Among these integrations is the ability to add location capabilities to Raspberry Pis. Use cases, such as trackers, that rely on having accurate and precise location in order to deliver value need a location solution that can be easily integrated with Pi OS and other linux variants on these devices. As the world’s leading independent location provider, Skyhook is the preferred choice for Raspberry Pi users and developers to easily add location capabilities to their projects. Key features include:
  • Resolving location on devices that don’t have a continuous network connection
  • Turning on when connected to a power source and connecting to the internet only when in range of a known and pre-configured Wi-Fi network
To learn more about Skyhook’s solution or to get started with adding location to your own Raspberry Pi device using Skyhook’s recipe, click here. Happy (Raspberry) Pi Day from all of us at Skyhook!