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Apr 28, 2009 2:00:00 PM

GadgetTrak Expands Advanced Theft Recovery with Location from Skyhook

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Advanced Theft Recovery Software for Windows® using Wi-Fi Positioning & Flickr® Integration

PORTLAND, OR and BOSTON, MA - April 28, 2009 - GadgetTrak Inc., innovators of anti-theft and data protection solutions for mobile devices, today announced the launch of PC-Trak for Windows. PC-Trak includes location-awareness from Skyhook Wireless' Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) and integration with Flickr® to capture the location and photos of laptop thieves. 

"Due to customer demand we have ported our advanced privacy-safe tracking technology which we pioneered on the Mac platform over to Windows. The software is design for the latest Windows based netbooks and laptops that have integrated web cameras and Wi-Fi," said Ken Westin, founder & CTO of GadgetTrak Inc.

According to the Open Security Foundation, 32% of reported data breaches in 2008 were the result of a lost or stolen mobile device. As consumers carry more mobile devices, the risk of device theft increases. PC-Trak adds to GadgetTrak's arsenal to protect today's most popular mobile devices by enabling both PC and Mac users to track where their system is, who has it and even what they're wearing.

"GadgetTrak provides highly accurate location lookups in urban areas and indoors, where laptops are most used after theft," said Kate Imbach, director of marketing at Skyhook Wireless. "With today's announcement, PC users are now able to take advantage of GadgetTrak's highly effective theft-recovery solution."

When a PC-Trak enabled netbook or laptop is stolen, the device owner can remotely activate tracking.  GadgetTrak's patent-pending software will then determine the location of the device with 10-20 meters of accuracy using WPS. The software will also use the system's integrated web camera to capture images of the thief and send it with location and network information directly to the device owner's  Flickr and email accounts.  The data will continue to be sent over time until tracking is disabled. PC-Trak supports Windows XP and Windows Vista, with Windows 7 support in beta.

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Based in Portland, Oregon, GadgetTrak Inc. provides innovative and patented theft recovery and data protection solutions for mobile devices. GadgetTrak protects a wide-range of mobile platforms including Mac®, Windows®, iPhone®/iPod®, BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile® and portable media devices. For more information visit or call 1-888-594-TRAK (8725)