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Mar 17, 2014 9:14:00 AM

Use Case: Location Technology for Mobile Device Management

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) is quickly becoming the new standard for enterprise IT departmentsMDM is growing as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) becomes a workplace norm and mobile security is now a necessity for businesses of all industries and sizes. According to a Cisco report, 70% of IT professionals believe the use of unauthorized programs results in as many as half of their companies’ data loss incidents. 39% of IT professionals said they have dealt with an employee accessing unauthorized parts of their company’s network.

Providers with holistic solutions--that fit not only into existing technology platforms, but into their end users’ lives--will thrive in 2016. Location technology will play a significant role in MDM in the coming years as it evolves beyond basic device tracking to create new features and opportunities for integration with other business technology.

One of our customers in the MDM industry was looking for a way to add an extra level of precision when tracking the location of a device. Our location technology enables our customer to achieve the following:

1) Higher Accuracy For Device Positioning

Our hybrid location technology combines Wi-Fi positioning, GPS, cell tower, IP, and device sensor data to intelligently yield the most precise location data. By using hybrid location, our customer is able to return the fastest time-to-fix location with the lowest power consumption. Additionally, this method is far more accurate and reliable than IP location. By delivering precise location instantly, our customer can verify that a device is in the realm of compliance within a second, and offer a frictionless end user experience.

2) A New Revenue Stream

Our customer is able to charge a premium for the increasing levels of precision in their device positioning, generating new revenue as an add on to their existing offerings. New functionality created by hybrid location can help further up-sell customers on the added security options precise location brings. This added layer of data gives companies more certainty in knowing their information is protected. Even without requiring additional hardware, MDM providers can better preserve valuable information and safely track devices using hybrid location.

3) Integration With Third Party Apps

Our customer has the opportunity to leverage the precise location data they own to attract third party developers, even if they don’t use all location data as part of their core experience. By offering device-level location data through an API, our customer empowers third party developers to build better business apps that integrate with their platform. This will lead to a value-added ecosystem of apps that are available for their clients. Supplying this data allows them to extend their SDK, offering the visibility of location based policies into third party apps.  

The Bottom Line

Location services can accelerate the growth of MDM in 2014. Secure BYOD programs that are cross-platform and can integrate with third party apps will stand out in the industry. Customers will look for solutions that can scale with their business, remain cognizant of employee privacy, minimize risk and are easy to implement. In this regard, Skyhook’s location will enable the growth of MDM as the new IT standard. MDM_Prague


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