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Apr 14, 2014 2:18:00 PM

2014’s Top Mobility Trends, Secure Containers, and Secure Student Devices

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) is expected to grow as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) becomes a workplace norm and mobile security is now a necessity for businesses of all industries and sizes. Providers with holistic solutions--that fit not only into existing technology platforms, but into their end users’ lives--will thrive.

To keep up with the trends of the MDM industry, you don’t have to scour the Internet for the latest news: we’ve done all the legwork for you. Here’s the latest news in MDM:

1) New Software Lets Teachers Control Student Devices

When MDM software first emerged, it gave administrators an easy way to push out applications to tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, while keeping track of the contents and location of each device. Now, MDM providers have begun adding classroom-based controls as well to allow teachers to have more control over students’ mobile devices.

MDM provider AirWatch has announced its new “Teacher Tools” to help teachers ensure students stay on task during lessons and testing.

JAMF Software, which specializes in Apple management tools, already enables teachers to control students’ iPad activity with its Casper suite of MDM software.

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2) Pros and Cons of Using Secure Containers for Mobile Device Security

As employees continue to bring devices into the enterprise, it's becoming more important for IT to be able to separate work from play. One way to do that is with a secure container: an authenticated, encrypted area of a user's mobile device that can be used to protect sensitive corporate information and keep it separate from the personal side.

This article goes into detail on when you should use a secure container and what the limitations are when doing so.

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3) MDM Technology: How to Create the Perfect Solution

If your organization is looking for more info on building out your MDM program this Tech Roundup is the perfect resource for you. Packed with articles from pre-eminent editors and bloggers on the leading IT media outlets, TechRepublic and ZDNet, this editorial reference guide provides you with:

  • Objective information on MDM technology done right

  • Leading editorial content from MDM experts

  • 5 important takeaways to consider as you improve your solution

Download the full round up at CBS Interactive >>

4) Securely Adopting 2014’s Top Mobility Trends

Mobile devices continue to infiltrate organizations, and by 2017, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and enterprise mobility market is expected to reach upwards of $181 billion. Organizations must stay ahead of the quickly evolving technology trends and develop ways to securely integrate them into day-to-day operations. This article breaks down a few of the mobile trends that are quickly becoming hot topics for 2014:

  • Predicting the potential risks of wearable technology

  • Stepping up security with a multi-layered approach

  • Adopting app scanning to protect organizations and end-users

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These articles focus on the rising need for new security measures in enterprise and education as BYOD continues to be more prevalent in schools and the work place.  Devices from mobile phones to wearables are infiltrating organizations and the demand for secure solutions is criticMDM_Pragueal.